The product designer industry is constantly evolving. People who are interested in technology, as well as psychology or sociology, will find themselves in it. Product designer job creates new opportunities, so you too will constantly develop your skills.

What is a product designer job?

Product designers design a product that serves the goals of both users and business. They are involved in creating products from the concept phase, through research, testing, workshops to design and release. They are also responsible for solving future problems related to a product.

Among other things, the product designer's duties also include defining opportunities for product improvement. They select the appropriate research tools depending on the issue they face, and then analyze the data.

People working as product designers not only design a product, but also often give orders and collect reports from their colleagues. They must coordinate the tasks of others to achieve a specific goal. This means that in addition to analytical skills and creativity, they must also be able to manage people.

Becoming a product designer

To become a product designer, you not only need to know the basics of marketing and be able to manage a team. You should also have analytical skills and above-average creativity.

If you've ever wondered about the job of product designer, don't worry, you don't need to know all the necessary tools right away. You can learn the programs needed for the work of a product designer at home. There are a lot of them. The most popular are Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD.

Of course, it is necessary that you are familiar with action methods such as Lean UX, Double Diamond or Value Proposition. You also need to know the basics of programming, which you can also learn from home with various courses.

You can also take product designer courses. Many of them can be found online, but it's worth looking for available courses in your area. Remember, once you gain enough knowledge about being a UX designer, you can create your own product designer courses yourself. This will also bring you profits in the future.

People who do not have their designers’ portfolios do not count on working in this profession. How to fill a UX designer portfolio when you don't have a job? Not all your projects have to be commercial projects. Show the initiative that you are trying, that you are learning and that it really turns you on.

Look for everyday problems and create application ideas based on that. Take advantage of volunteering for it. You'll hone your skills by creating various sites on behalf of NGOs.

Thanks to the UX designer portfolio, a potential client or employer (depending on whether you choose to work as a freelancer or on a contract basis) will know what kind of experience you have and what kind of assignments you're most often encountered. Seeing the designers' portfolios they will also get to know what style you work in.

It is also a good idea to talk to UX designers who have been working in this profession for years. There will always be someone willing to talk and share their experiences regarding product design.

Where to find a job for a product designer?

You can find work as a product designer in many companies. Not only in positioning and marketing agencies or advertising houses, but also in large companies.

Companies want to prepare high-quality products for consumers with the help of a qualified team. Of course, the product designer job is easiest to find in a large city.

Product designers are employed wherever new products are released. These are mainly sectors related to manufacture, technology, or consumer goods. This means that you can find work as a product designer in software houses or in companies working on product development in a variety of industries. Such companies may be in the financial or drug-related industries, for example.

What about salaries for UX designers?

Depending on which country you want to work in, salaries for UX designers will vary. The average earnings for a product designer in the United States are about $81,000 a year during the first year of work.

In the UK's capital, London, an absolute beginner product designer can earn as much as £54,000 ($60,404) a year, and in Canada a product designer salary for someone who works less than a year starts at CA$84,000 ($61,026) per year. In Australia, meanwhile, average salaries for UX designers are AUD$99,500 ($62,446) per year.

The quoted earnings may, of course, depend on which industry you choose to work in. It is natural that earnings for a UX designer in one company will be higher than in another. Remember that in addition to the basic salary, you can also count on various benefits related to your employment.

Freelance vs. employment contract

What form you want to work in is important. Freelance work is more convenient for those who prefer to work from home. If you're one of those who can't focus, working in an office on a contract basis is a better option.

At the beginning, however, it is better to opt for a contract job. This will help you gain more experience in product design, which you can later use to create projects on your own as a freelancer.


As you can see, the job of UX designer is very interesting. Especially for people who want to design a product from scratch and are creative. If you are interested in creating applications and have a talent for programming, the job of UX designer will be perfect for you.

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