Promotion is the dream of every person who wants to advance in his or her chosen career path. It carries with it a great many benefits. Promotion at work, in addition to satisfaction itself, also gives us more salary, more influence, and development opportunities. However, as we know, promotion is not something that comes to us on its own, we have to earn it. In this article, we have prepared some tips to help you learn about how to get a promotion.

How to get promoted at work?

You can take many actions that will help you gain a promotion at work. In addition to working hard, of course, you can do other things that will greatly increase your chances of success. Check out our 8 pieces of advice about a promotion.

1. You need to be good at what you do

Just doing your job isn't enough. You need to be above average at what you do. Show that you would perform even better in more difficult duties or harder work. You must aim high and show your full potential, even in the smallest and easiest duties. Hard work always pays off.

2. Show your value as an employee

Promotions usually go to people who bring some value to the company with their work. You must think about the needs of your workplace and try to adjust your actions to meet them. Also be accurate, punctual, meet deadlines and participate in the life of the company. If your value as an employee increases, the value of the company itself also increases, so try to grow, learn new things, and become better and better. You can acquire new skills that will help you shine in your job - for example, learning a new language. Take part in the wider activities of the company, and this will allow you to get to know the company better, its needs, weaknesses, and strengths.

3. Show up as a leader

Being a leader is a core value that a person in a senior position should possess. You need to show yourself in the eyes of your boss as a person who can manage and command the respect of co-workers. Another necessity is the ability to handle crises. You must be able to guide and motivate people, but also support them in their development. Listen to others and respond to their needs. These qualities will make you a good and valuable leader, which is required to get a promotion.

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4. Be a team player

Respect and good relations with co-workers are very important elements of healthy cooperation. If you are seeking a job promotion, this becomes even more important because you have the ambition to lead these people. You must be a good partner and treat others with respect, even if they don't. A good leader rises above petty problems and thinks about the general good. A good atmosphere and relationship with co-workers is a very important element that will greatly increase your chances for promotion. You will gain the support of your co-workers by doing so.

be a team player in work (you can promote)

5. Pay attention to people who have already been promoted

Taking an example from others can help you a lot. Pay attention to the steps taken by those who have already been promoted. By doing so, you can gain a lot of clues about what else you can do to help yourself advance in your career. It also doesn't hurt to ask for feedback. Any advice or guidance from people who have succeeded in the goal you have set for yourself can be very helpful and valuable.

6. Don’t be afraid to get noticed

Your boss won't pay attention to you if you sit quietly in a corner and don't draw attention to yourself. A good step to getting a job promotion is to get noticed. You need to take a voice at meetings, share your ideas, and suggest changes. A good leader has an opinion and must share it. Taking on difficult tasks that others don't want to take on will also be a good step. Look for opportunities where you can demonstrate your skills, and take part in important projects or events. You will then draw attention to yourself, which is what it's all about.

7. Try to solve rather than create problems

Every company has its strengths and weaknesses. Try to identify the weak ones and think about what can be done to get rid of them. Supporting your employer and co-workers in solving different kinds of problems will be appreciated. Think about how you can improve productivity, reduce expenses or meet corporate goals.

8. Don't stop developing

Development is an integral part of our professional life. Don't stop on your laurels, strive to become better and better. You need to look at the bigger picture, think about what you have achieved so far and what you still need to work on. Set new goals for yourself and strive to meet them. You can also take various courses that will help you expand your skills. This also applies to your approach after being promoted. You need to remain persistent, motivated, and continue to develop.

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How to ask for a promotion

A promotion won't always be offered to you. Sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands. If you think you meet all the requirements in the list above, but the offer itself still hasn't come, don't be afraid to talk to your boss about a promotion yourself. Below, we'll show you in a few steps how to do it.

1. Ask your boss what you can do to get a promotion, don't make demands

No one likes to receive ultimatums. Making demands on your employer can bring more unhappiness than benefit. The best way is to talk about your prospects and ask what you need to do to put them into action. This is also a great opportunity to receive feedback and try to become even better. You will show yourself to be a great team player and a valuable employee. You will also gain support from your boss and learn about the real opportunities regarding your promotion.

2. Present your boss with your business case for why you should be promoted.

You need to present to your boss why you deserve this promotion. You can do this in a form of a business presentation or a speech. Tell him about your past successes and achievements. Present to him your ideas that will help the company grow. Be open to compromise and don't put everything on one card.

present your boss

3. Avoid these mistakes:

  • Don't compare yourself to other employees. You need to focus on your values and what you have to offer, not on the weaknesses of others.
  • Don't mix your personal life with your job promotion. Keep your personal needs and life aside and focus on why you deserve the promotion, not why you need it.
  • Don't hide your failures. It's from mistakes that you learn and through them that you can grow. They provide lessons for the future and allow you to learn from them.
  • Don't be vague. Clearly state your goals and objectives, and be direct.
  • Don't doubt your worth. You need to portray yourself as a confident person.

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Promotion is a very big step in the development of your career, make sure that you have thought carefully about your predisposition for this commitment and that you meet all the necessary criteria. We hope this article will help you learn how to get a promotion.

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