Online surveys have been a hit for some time in making instant money online. Completing online surveys usually involves registering with a survey site by entering your personal details, and then waiting for surveys to be emailed to you. For completing them, you get points that are later exchanged for vouchers, gift cards or cash. But is it really worth the effort? In this article you will learn about the pros and cons of being a survey junkie.

Remaining anonymous

What are the advantages of online surveys?

  • Increased convenience. Because polls can be completed online, at any time and from any convenient location, people are more likely to complete them, which translates into a bigger amount of respondents for companies. It is one of the simplest ways to make money home!
  • Easy accessibility. The only thing you need to complete online surveys is any device with an internet accessibility.
  • Flexibility of topics. You for sure won’t get bored while completing the surveys! The reviews really cover hundreds of different areas, so the probability of getting bored with one topic is really minimal.
  • Remaining anonymous. Even though you give your personal data to examination, it is not passed on anywhere else, so your votes and opinions remain undisclosed.
  • Minimum effort and major time saving. The best thing about online surveying is probably how little time and effort they require. On average, it takes between five and 30 minutes to complete a single poll, although this upper limit is actually a rare occurrence. In addition, the reviews are usually designed to be understood by any human being, so no specialist knowledge or research is needed for them, just your own experience

But is it really this great? Let’s move on to the next part of the article.

What are the disadvantages of online surveys?

  • High fraud risk. The risk of online fraud is present virtually everywhere you give out personal information. This is why you should be very careful about which sites you use and what data you give out. It should definitely not be your personal identity number!
  • Relatively small earnings in proportion to the time spent. Indeed, it's not hard work, but it shouldn't be a priority for making money either. On average, you are able to earn between 40 cents and $1 for a survey that takes you 15 minutes to complete, but often even less than 40 cents.
  • You don't get paid right away. Money or exchange points earned for completing surveys do not go to you immediately. More often than not, the waiting time ranges from a few, to even dozens of days!
  • You have to take part in many surveys to achieve visible benefits. Although the advantage of questionnaires is the low effort involved in completing them, it is not quite that simple. In order to actually gain the benefits, you need to be registered on a number of different portals so that you can complete as many of them as possible. Using just one site may not be very effective, as it usually does not send you more than 2-3 examinations per week.

you can earn money on surveys

After reviewing the advantages and disadvantages of online surveys, one simple conclusion certainly comes to mind. It's not a job that will bring in an incredible income, but it's quite alright if you need, for example, to make a few pennies a month to pay for Netflix or other apps of this kind. So if you are interested in earning as a survey junkie, read more about making money on Paidwork! Also you can check out our partner’s verified websites: BitLabs and PollFish.

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