You already have an idea for your business, and chosen a name for your company. You decide to sell your products online, but you don't want to use Amazon and eBay. What else do you need? An online store! To create it, you need the best platform for an ecommerce website that exists. Which one should you decide on? What is the most popular solution at the moment?


Shopify is the market leader. This is due to its great transparency, useful features and prices, as low as $5 a month. Even the cheapest version offers a "Buy Now" button for the emails you send, blog and social media posts. The basic version costs $29 per month and offers even more features, and is just as easy to use as Shopify Starter. Although Shopify also offers way more expensive plans, with prices as high as $300 monthly, you won't need them at the beginning. These are solutions designed for huge companies.

Due to its ease of use, good pricing and huge number of features, Shopify is considered the best ecommerce platform.

shopify ecommerce platform


Zyro is a website builder designed for beginners. If you don't need extensive features and your store generates small sales, Zyro will completely suffice for you.

Although this tool attracts with its price, the offered capabilities should be completely enough for you. The cheapest plan costs $5, while the premium package is an expense of just $15. Creating pages is very easy, as it is based on drag-and-drop. Simple SEO and advertising tools make your work simple and effective.

With its inexpensive prices, Zyro is the best choice for novice sellers.


Wix is a rather expensive, but secure and convenient tool for creating online stores. Built-in shop builder is less intuitive than in Zyro.In return, the results of your work should be more attractive to customers. Wix is a plug-and-play solution. Higher prices result in higher reliability, better security and more tools. Wix is also known for its great customer service, which can be helpful for aspiring online store owners.

If you want a great-looking site and can afford to spend a little more, consider WIX. It might be the best ecommerce platform for you.


The name BigCommerce is not meaningless. It's a tool designed for stores with large assortments, such as those using dropshipping. BigCommerce's biggest advantages include:

  • great inventory management tools,
  • well-designed integrations with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Amazon,
  • design that allows people without programming skills to operate the site.

Unfortunately, the pricing of BigCommerce plans depends on the value of your sales. If your business model involves small product margins, it will be a very cost inefficient solution. The site builder also has some drawbacks. Tons of unneeded tools and inferior customization options for stores aren’t necessary right now.

The basic version of BigCommerce costs $29.95 per month, while the most popular plan costs $79.95.

bigcommerce in ecommerce


If you've ever read about WordPress, you definitely know how many plugins it offers.This is an excellent ecommerce plugin for owners of blogs and other sites where sales are just a bonus. Bluehost's biggest advantages include a fairly good price and plenty of plugins and themes (over 65,000). However, you must know that WordPress is not the best platform for an ecommerce website. If you plan to use Google Ads, you should opt for something else. Prices start at $13 per month, and the full version costs $25 per month, provided you purchase the service for a 12-month period.

The choice is not easy, as each platform has its own advantages and cons. When deciding on an e-commerce platform, know your expectations and be ready to change the service after some time. A well-chosen platform will work for many years. Don't be afraid to spend money - for most of your plans, the money you can earn from Paidwork in a short time is enough. Efficient tools are an excellent investment in every business.

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