Job life balance by definition means a state in which a person finds the golden mean between work and private life. It is to lead a lifestyle that allows a clear separation of work and career from social and family life. Although the concept of work&life balance has many detractors, it is worth considering whether it is a natural path for people in the 21st century.

Benefits of life balance

The very concept of work-life balance, was born in the 1970s in the UK. As a result of tremendous economic growth, more and more employees lose the ability to balance their time, putting work at the top of their priorities. They began to demand the separation of the professional and private spheres, and over time employers saw that this was the right way to succeed in the market. Therefore, work&life balance brings benefits to both parties and among the most important are:

1. Boosting productivity

More and more companies are moving away from the template 8-hour workday to a 6-hour one. Studies have shown that employees who work fewer hours are more relaxed, which translates into their productivity. Under such a system, they have recorded greater concentration and precision in completing tasks.

2. More time for your own interests

The natural result of working in jobs with the best work-life balance, is increased time for passions and hobbies. Working through the night is not the key to success, nor an indicator of your worth. Instead of spending a Thursday evening in front of a pile of documents, why not go out bowling with friends?

3. Better company image

If you, as an employer, ensure a good working comfort and atmosphere in the company, employees will recommend it to their friends and family. In an era of increased awareness of mental health, your efforts to improve the lives of others will be positively received and appreciated. Focusing on this aspect, can also attract potential employees who will want to develop in a helpful and friendly environment.

4. Greater opportunity for self-development

Have you always wanted to learn a foreign language, but didn't have the time? Have you been thinking about a public speaking course for a few months? Taking care of the work life balance allows you to be more observant of your needs and aptitudes. The more you take care of your competencies, the better they will be rewarded. Taking care of employees' competence will be useful not only at work, but also in one's personal life.

5. Reduce recruitment costs

Employee satisfaction means employee loyalty. As a result, the company does not need to organize additional recruitment. If the company is already perceived in the market as one of the companies with best work life balance, it will be easier to find new people willing to work.

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5 Jobs with good work life balance

Starting a career with a company that is focused on respecting your life balance will greatly improve life satisfaction. Here's a list of occupations from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that have been identified as the best at maintaining life balance:

1. Orthodontists (median salary $208,000)

Orthodontists are dentists who, after studying dentistry, have completed the appropriate specialization. Due to the nature of the work, it is rarely stressful, and from a practical point of view, it is impossible to do the work at home. Orthodontists work specific hours and days. Moreover, it is one of the better-paid professions.

2. Statisticians (median salary $91,160)

One of the best jobs with the best work-life balance. A statistician works with data, collects and arranges statistics, so his work is not exhausting. He works specific hours, often earning good money. Statisticians are employed by banks, insurance or investment companies.

3. Recreation and Fitness Worker (median salary $30,490)

In the era of lifestyle diseases such as overweight and obesity, fitness workers are a much-needed profession. If you choose such a profession, you will be able to arrange your schedule individually and work when you want. In addition, this profession allows you to earn money from your passion!

4. Interpreter and Translator (median salary $51,830)

If you know foreign languages, this may be the perfect profession for you. Translators regularly look for assignments themselves, so they can fit them in with family holidays and other private activities. For translations, you can work at your own pace. Nowadays, language skills are in high demand in the market and equally highly rewarded.

5. Data scientist (median salary $94,280)

This is a relatively new profession. Its peculiarities will allow you to work remotely on a flexible schedule. A worker in this field acquires statistics for various companies or organizations, thanks to which managers make decisions. A good understanding of statistics and the ability to do computer programming are important in this profession.

meditate at job and you will have no worries

Companies with best work life balance

Nowadays, companies are increasingly trying to take care of their employees' well-being. In order to take care of their mental comfort, they offer solutions such as flexible working hours or the possibility to work remotely. It is also increasingly common to see practical help for employees, for example, organizing a kindergarten and crèche in the company, the possibility of coming to work with a pet, or separating a special area for breastfeeding women.

Jobs with good work life balance can be very profitable. While money is very significant, especially in the face of high inflation and the coming economic crisis, personal life should not be forgotten. If you are interested in personal finance, be sure to stay on our blog and read our other articles!

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