Motherhood and additional work - how to find it?

Maternity leave is a special time when we focus on raising our offspring. However, what if we want to make some extra money for the household budget? Then the well-known additional online job comes to our aid. How to earn money on motherhood? Online you can earn from anywhere and at any time. In the rest of the article I will suggest some ways to earn online. I invite you to read on.

Play games

If you are a mom who likes to play computer games or smartphone games in the evenings when your child is already asleep, it's a sign that it's time to move in that direction and earn money by remote job. It may seem slightly irrational to you, how can you play and make money? Well, the answer is very simple, many companies pay people to play and test a particular game right away. This kind of earning is also possible on Paidwork. Often it looks on the principle that we have to perform specific tasks in the game for which we get money. However, you need to remember to watch out for scammers, which unfortunately are not lacking these days. Many of them may intend to steal our personal information.

work in play games

Fill out surveys

Another way to earn money on the Internet and through Paidwork is to fill out online surveys. However, this is an income that is not large and is more suitable as a supplementary rather than a main source of income. In this way of earning we do not need any qualifications, just access to the Internet and a working phone or laptop. For one survey we will have to spend from 5 to sometimes even 30 minutes. It goes without saying that we will get less money for shorter surveys and more for longer ones. However, in order to pay out the money owed to us, we need to reach a certain threshold of money.

Watch videos

Another fun way to make money online is to watch videos also available on Paidwork. To make money online by watching movies, you don't need any experience or knowledge, but only time and dedication. When we talk about making money quickly and legally, we refer to those jobs that are easy and hassle-free. For every video you watch, you get a certain number of points, which can later be exchanged for real money. We don't even really have to put much attention into this task because we can play the video in the background and do something else in the meantime.

Do shopping online

By shopping online you can also earn money. On Paidwork it works this way that, for example, we open an account at My Chance Cassino, deposit a minimum of €25 and receive as many as 1358 points which we can exchange for real money! This is another way of earning where we don't need any experience. It also takes really little time and we can do it at any free moment, anywhere.

shopping online

Sell things that you don’t need

Everyone has clothes in their closet that haven't seen the light of day since time immemorial. Why not sell such things and give them a second life. If you are a person who likes to clean out your closet, this income is perfect for you. There are many apps and portals on which you can list your no longer needed items. Often you have to cover shipping costs, but if you can't afford it, you can always arrange with someone to cover these costs, or sell to people in your city who can take the item from you or you can deliver it to them yourself. Does your husband/partner/boyfriend have lingering junk in the basement or garage? Put them on display too!


The last way I will mention in this article will be copywriting. This is a great way to earn money if you have a light pen and can write texts. If you don't have such skills then take some time to learn. Learn spelling, punctuation and grammar. It is not difficult and it can bring you cool earning opportunities.

As you can see for yourself, there are many opportunities to make money online and at the same time an extra task during pregnancy or motherhood. However, you need to be persistent and not let go if something doesn't work out for you. You have to keep trying and keep moving forward

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