Are you preparing for a job interview, but don't know how to act? Or maybe you are stressed out before meeting new people? Here are some psychological tricks and effective Self-Presentation Strategy tips. They will help you learn how to be more confident and open.

What does it mean to make a good impression?

Let's talk a little about the self presentation theory. This is a behavior that aims to shape the way other people see us. With the help of verbal and non-verbal communication, we make an opening presentation. Creating a positive image from the first moments can turn into success at work or at a business meeting. We can use it to present ourselves in a more formal way, for example during a job interview. Here are some useful job interview tips you can use.

The best place to start preparing

Well, there are dozens or even hundreds of ways to present yourself well. Using them, it is important to remember that presenting self is about making an impression on the speaker. The first step in your self-presentation strategies that you can take is to start thinking positively and believing in your abilities. Getting rid of your own inner critic will help you get rid of unnecessary thoughts.

How to look confident?

In order to look beneficial in front of new people you meet, you need to make sure you present yourself well. The most significant thing is to understand that, based on body language, others make judgments. Here are some examples of introduction about yourself and tips that you can use.

Straighten up, add a few inches to yourself

It may sound trivial, but body posture is the most essential thing. An upright position convinces the speaker of our confidence. Try to keep your posture upright and control your gesticulation. If you have trouble with this, practice the right posture in front of a mirror. Your moves should be relaxed but controlled. Remember not to cross your arms, otherwise they will think you are closed-minded or do not feel confident.

Eye contact is the key to success

Just like straight posture, eye contact plays an important role. Don't run away with your eyes during the conversation, focus on the speaker. It will help you in presenting self in a good way and assure the other person that you are not bored with the conversation. That is, what is a good idea to introduction to me.

When going to a job interview, a new school or an event full of people, prepare in advance some statements, topics, and issues with which you will surprise your speaker. Think about which topics you feel best and which may be trouble. Find out what questions you might hear at an interview with a recruiter and avoid being surprised. Self presentation theory says that being prepared is the best way to make a good impression. Are you curious about what you should know of the company you're applying to? Click HERE

Be assertive, have your own opinion

An important part of a good presentation is to have your own opinion. People wrongly think that constantly nodding will get them accepted. Sadly, they are blank and not memorable. You don't have to always agree with everyone. You can have your own opinion and share it, but don't forget to do it in a non-aggressive way. Also try to see the truth in other people's words and be empathetic.

Turn bad attitudes into something good

Negative thoughts are harmful to a confident person, but you can boost your own self-esteem by using positive thoughts to change your attitude. Negative mindsets often settle to us. Getting rid of them is not easy. To do so, you will need to squash each negative thought with many positive ones. Good affirmations need to start surrounding you. Don't think of it as ignoring negative feelings, because they will still be there. Instead, recognize your weakness and replace it with positive thoughts, good memories and awareness of your achievements.

Dress elegantly, or how to look confident

The first impression is 80% of success. The opening presentation is one of the best examples of introduce yourself. In order to do well at it, you need to take care of your presence, which means your appearance. So let's be clear, the right choice of clothes will only help you.
Let's get down to the specifics. A careful and understandable choice of clothing instantly grabs the attention of the interviewer. That is why it is so important to dress the way you should. When going to a job interview, it is appropriate to think about a more formal outfit. On the other hand, going to young people should not be overdone with this. Here are some examples of introducing yourself with clothes:

To dress properly for a job interview, follow your employer's dress code. If they don't have one, try to choose something modest but elegant.

  • For a man - suit pants with a button-down shirt and tie, or a sweater and a button-down shirt.
  • For a woman - a blouse with a straight, longer skirt or an elegant dress in muted colors.

To dress properly for a job interview, follow your employer's dress code. If they don't have one, try to choose something modest but elegant.

  • Clean garments are a must - it is obvious that dirty and smelly clothing does not bring positive reactions. When leaving the house, make sure you have a clean outfit and a pleasant smell
  • Take care of the selection of accessories - do not let your creation be boring. Show your style by adding a fashionable belt or eye-catching jewelry. A nice pair of shoes, a new tie and already your formal outfit is becoming better.
  • Make sure everything fits together - find your favorite cut of clothes and create a magazine-worthy look. A smile on your face will definitely complement what you're wearing.
  • Think about colors - colors that are too flashy and defiant are likely to draw all of your speaker's attention away. Also, remember not to blend clashing colors together - it doesn't look aesthetic.

Remember that self-presentation and how to be more confident is up to you. There are many tips and tricks on how to achieve this, but success is already hidden in the willingness. You do not have to achieve the goal at once, small steps are a good way to change yourself for the better. Examples of introduction about yourself are many, but it's up to you which one you choose.

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