Are you perhaps looking for holidays or weekend jobs? Or maybe your current job makes you need or just want extra income? As is well known, everyone likes easy jobs that pay well, but not everyone knows where to look for them and what they are. If you too would like to earn well, in addition with as little effort as possible, you may find this article extremely useful. We have a list of ten examples of well-paid jobs for you in 2022.

1. Waiter/waitress

It is honestly one of the best jobs teaching hierarchy, teamwork and responsibility. The waiter's duties include, among other things, serving the guest, taking orders and passing them on to the kitchen, very often helping to select a dish and serving the prepared meal. The waiter must also keep the customer's account, answer questions about allergens and pass on complaints to the manager. The hourly rate for a waiter is, by definition, from around $7 to as high as almost $13, but usually it is unluckily much less. The only requirement for the position of waiter is usually a current health examination to rule out having diseases such as salmonella.

2. Sales representative

For the job of a sales representative, there is often a degree in commerce or marketing required. The person applying for this job should also know more or less the industry in which they intend to work. So what does the job entail? A sales representative's main task is to acquire customers for the company they represent. Once he or she has acquired customers, his or her duties also include the conclusion of contracts, ongoing customer service and maintaining good contact with them. The average hourly rate of a sales representative is, of course, depending on the company they work for, even as high as $27 per hour.

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3. Construction worker

As construction work is physical work, it is still mainly for men. It is one of the many types of work that is always in demand on the labour market and therefore a steady income is possible. No certification or education is usually required for this work, so good health and determination remain the only requirements. Construction workers earn from $4 to as much as $18 per hour, depending on their specialization.

4. Security guard

Working as a security guard is a wide-ranging occupation. You can work as a security guard in a club, a shop, at events or even on large construction sites supplied with expensive equipment. Depending on the type of facility being guarded, the requirements will even vary considerably. For example, it is very common to employ retired people to guard office buildings or shopping centres, as the work is light and usually does not require intervention. It will be completely different in clubs or concerts, where security guards must be able to calm the crowd or even physically intervene in dangerous situations. A security guard earns from $10 to as much as $24 per hour, however, it is often possible to encounter lower wages.

5. House sitter

This is probably one of the easiest jobs that can pay pretty well these days. House sitter jobs consist of guarding a house whose owner has gone on holiday, on a business trip or on a long journey for other purposes.Sometimes the work is combined with caring for a pet, or many, or even cleaning the house. Earnings start at $10 per day (sometimes per hour), plus the client usually commits to cover food bills, gasoline bills if the house sitter only watches the house at night, and additionally pays for pet care and activities such as housekeeping.

6. Tutor

It’s a great job for students, additional work for teachers and former teachers and in general people who are very knowledgeable about school material and even higher education. The main requirement, of course, is some form of proof of your training and your ability to teach others. Earnings here depend on a number of factors - the difficulty of the material, the hours spent teaching and, above all, the rate you set individually. Private tutor usually makes from $15, to even $80 per hour.

7. Babysitter

In the case of childcare, it can be debated whether the job is an easy one. In spite of everything, if you like children and have experience in raising them or caring for them yourself, this job can be quite easy and enjoyable for you. The nanny's duties include feeding, playing, dropping off and picking up the child from school, and many others, such as caring for the child in case of illness. The worldwide hourly rate for a babysitter starts between $10-$15, increasing with the number of children or responsibilities.

8. Dog walker

It may not be a job with which you can manage to pay the bills, but it is a very enjoyable way to earn some extra money in your spare time. If you like dogs and can control them, such an occupation should not be a problem for you. The dog walker's activities include, of course, the aforementioned walking the dogs, making sure the dog gets the right amount of exercise and defecates. A dog walker can make up to $20 for an hour walk.

9. Personal trainer

If you enjoy spending time training at the gym, this job is downright perfect for you. With experience of training safely and effectively, you can confidently go into teaching others. A very well perceived thing is a university degree related to physical education. However, an educational background is not required, just experience. Personal trainer makes between $8 up to $20 an hour.

10. Remote jobs

Remote working is another very broad term. Leaving aside working for online companies, there are also easy, quick and very enjoyable ways to make money. This could be playing games, completing surveys, watching videos and even shopping online! If you want to learn more about these four ways, visit Paidwork, where you can find out everything you need to make some money (also available on iOS and Android)!

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