Millions of people discovered that in 2022 their gas and electricity costs were higher than usual this year. And indeed, both the U.S. and the EU have witnessed an increase in energy costs over the past year, due in part to sanctions against Russia and statements and actions by Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Energy saving became a matter of national importance to many of us!

On the other hand, an increasing number of customers are demanding the phasing out of coal and natural gas as fuels due to the looming climate catastrophe. We all must get used to reducing the wastage of electricity before it starts harming us all.

This all means one thing for our households: you must learn how to save money on electric bill while trying to switch to renewable energy sources. Here are some suggestions on how to save electricity, water and other cost reduction techniques while switching to the green sources of energy.

How to lower electric bill thanks to the dishwasher

Dishwashers consume energy, but they use less power, money, water, and time than washing dishes by hand. In fact, relying on a dishwasher saves 5,000 liters of water and a pretty big percentage on your electricity bills. So an energy-efficient dishwasher can be quite a good investment. However, it is worth using it wisely

For example, you can turn off the dishwasher's hot-drying cycle. Instead, leave the door open and let the dishes air-dry—free. Or you can spread the dishes on an external dryer, which will reduce energy costs by 50%. It's also worth remembering to charge your dishwasher properly, according to the manufacturer's recommendations—and to always load it full.

How to save electricity in the kitchen

You waste a lot of energy and gas operating the oven. Use a small appliance, such as a microwave or toaster oven, to heat or cook anything small. These use much less energy than an electric oven or an inductive plate. Also, avoid opening the oven door while baking: use a glass door to see whether the dish is done!

Remember to always cook using pots with lids. This makes them retain the heat and keep the cooking time shorter. Wise cooking decision can not just help you make tastier meals but also cut the budget! If you’re wondering why are gas prices so high, you can read about it in our guide.

Take care of your dryer and washing machine

Dryers consume about 6% of your home's total energy bills. To ensure that you use it to its full capacity, clean it after every load, clean the filter and try to use it to its maximum capacity. If you can, hang your laundry in the bathroom so that it dries on its own.

90% of the energy needed to wash clothes goes to heating the water. What you can wash at low temperatures, wash in cold water (unless you're washing filthy things).Reduce water consumption by reusing used water—you can flush the toilet with it, and if you choose an eco-friendly detergent, even water your garden with it.

Lower the energy bill by using electronics

Computers, TVs, and cell phones are notorious for consuming energy, even when they're turned off. But there's a simple solution: plug everything into a power strip and turn it off when not in use. Since standby power accounts for 5 to 10 percent of a household's energy consumption, removing it can save tens of dollars a year.

Another way to reduce energy expenses is to hold a "No TV Night" once a week to reduce the amount of time spent watching TV. Read a book or play a game with family and friends instead of watching Netflix. Spend time with an old buddy or indulge in your favorite activity. Less frequent use of TV, computer, and other electronic gadgets will reduce energy consumption and save money—and the more people in the room, the warmer!

Remodel your home

Close doors and vents in rooms that are not regularly used. Take care to eliminate drafts and consider insulating your house or apartment. Any reduction in temperature means cost reduction for you.

Painting your roof white may seem strange, but it can save you money. Because white roofs reflect sunlight, houses with white roofs require less energy for cooling in the summer.

Most people understand that planting trees can improve the appeal of your property and provide shade in the yard, but have you considered the cost savings on your electricity bills? The shade and even airflow will ensure that you don't spend a fortune on air conditioning.

You might also consider switching to an electric vehicle. It’s estimated that by 2040 one fourth of cars sold will be electric, and the infrastructure is constantly changing.

Ultimately, however, our bills are increasingly influenced by politics and the desire to save the planet. Often the best way to cut energy costs is simply to vote and participate in green initiatives.

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