Cashback Apps are a great option if you want to save money on your everyday purchases.

Shopping with the Paidwork app and our partners can be an important part of your daily or monthly plan to earn discounts, points and rebates. You can use the cashback you generate to save money for future purchases. If you love to shop, these apps can help you earn significant rewards.

Why choose Paidwork to save money while shopping?

Earning rewards while using cashback apps is great fun. Not only do you get great offers when shopping online, but you always get back some of the money you spend. You can earn a lot of points in our cashback app just by buying new clothes, electronics or using discount coupons. Using Paidwork is also completely free, making it a great tool for maintaining and improving your personal finances. You can earn a lot of money with Paidwork and save by spending what you've earned.

Our program makes it easy to earn money with your regular or occasional purchases. Not only the app itself, but also the stores themselves provide excellent incentives. Thanks to Paidwork points earned for ordinary purchases, you'll be able to get discounts on everything from a surprise gift for loved ones to your next family trip.

use Paidwork and get gifts

How does cashback work?

Thanks to our partnership with Fyber and Tapjoy, who provide all manners of promotions, we have created an excellent cashback and shopping software that allows you to earn cash rewards for purchases in various areas. But what is cashback exactly? How does cash back work?

Depending on the offerings of our partners and the area you live in, this can include buying clothes, ordering takeout, making travel arrangements and buying home improvement items. Each participating retailer, to incentivize the shoppers, sets aside a certain amount of cashback for us and our partners - and we pay it back to you if you use it. That way, everyone wins!

Each offer may change depending on where you shop or what items you buy. In most cases, you can expect to earn at least 1% of your shopping expenses - and that's always a substantial savings. It all depends on how much you spend and how often you buy, sometimes the cashback can be up to seven times higher! After a couple of weeks of using our app, you’ll notice that your savings have increased.

We convert cashback points to our Paidwork points - just like those earned by playing games or solving surveys. That way you can decide for yourself when to convert them to cash and cash them out. We use the well-recognized PayPal application guaranteeing security and ease of fund management. You can cash your money out quickly transfer it to your bank account.

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Our app is for everyone!

Our cashback program, like other options of our app, is completely free to use. You don't have to pay a monthly membership fee or a one-time fee. It’s available for free in iOs App Store and Google Play Store for Android devices. Just - when you plan to shop, check the app for some great promotions. Don't let a reward pass you by!

The cashback program can make it very easy to earn money and receive cash back on regular transactions. Although the incentives and cashback amounts vary depending on the occasion, it's an easy way to earn extra money online. Anyone with a PayPal account and doing regular online shopping can use the Paidwork cashback app. Sign up now for free and start earning!

You can find the link to download the app here:

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Look for more information on the official webpage:

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