We all need money, isn’t that right? But once you hit a certain age, you also need to get a job to earn it. Many people move abroad to get paid better than they could in their country, some of them just go to jobs in bigger cities, which usually involves long distance travel almost every day. Actually there’s no need to do so! You just need some time and patience and you can easily find a job near your location. If you're interested in how to do it, just sit comfortably and read this article.

How do I find paid jobs near me?

It's much easier than you think. First, try to register with a portal or application specifically designed for finding a job. For different countries, these will of course be different portals, but simply by searching for the phrase "work", your search engine will suggest something. It may also happen that this way of searching for a job will not be effective for you. There is also a solution to this problem! Try to join Facebook groups for finding and placing jobs in your city or major cities near you.

What cash paid jobs can I do?

There’s a whole lot of jobs you can actually do in your whereabouts, so don’t worry! Here are some examples of jobs that can usually be found on these type of portals and social media groups:

1. Babysitting

If you have raised a child yourself, or have younger siblings that you’ve been taking care of in your life, this job is for you. There are always children in different age ranges, so if you don’t feel responsible enough for taking care of a toddler, you can search for babysitting older children, who are, for example, able to eat and use the toilet on their own. Keep in mind that this job always requires an amazing amount of patience and responsibility!

2. Animal care

If you don’t like children, or simply don’t feel comfortable taking care of them, you can always try with pets! There are plenty of people looking for someone to take care of their furry friends when they go for vacation. Also don’t feel ashamed to ask your older neighbors or friends if they need help with taking their pets on walks, or to a vet visit. Feel free to offer your help for a little extra cash

3. Cleaning

There’s always plenty of job offers related to cleaning. Old and sick people, or sometimes young ones who work over hours for the whole week, usually don’t clean their flats and houses regularly and often are ready to pay someone to do it for them. Cleaning is a great job for people who don’t really like to have contact with others!

cleaning jobs

4. Graphics and computer graphics

If you like art and are bold enough to do it for someone, this job will suit you well. Try searching for small clothing brands, or companies who don’t need graphics and try offering your art to them. You can also take up making your own DIY painted shirts, shoes or jackets, they are getting really popular these days and can bring you lots of money

5. Musician

If you can play an instrument of any kind, try looking for a job as a musician at weddings, corporate events, or even funerals. It’s a pretty fun way of earning money (until it’s a funeral of course), and also very developing. Using your talents to earn money is superior!

6. Remote jobs - make money online

If you don’t want to move from your place at all, there is also a solution for you. Online jobs gained a huge popularity due to COVID-19 pandemic, and turned out to be a gamechanger. Not only can there be additional work to get some extra money after hours, but also a full time job that can be really well paid. Copywriting, streaming on Twitch, influencing, multi level marketing, online tutoring, there are literally hundreds of online jobs! Only thing you need to care about is having any device such as a laptop, PC or a mobile phone and access to the internet. If you want to start your journey with making money online, definitely check out Paidwork!

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