Increasingly, we are working from home these days - especially students, housewives, retirees or freelancers who may want to earn some extra money without prior financial commitment and the need to invest. Investing requires financial reserves and knowledge - but filling out online surveys is something anyone can do. It’s easy to earn money with zero investment if you only have a clear plan of action!

You might not be aware that there are several ways to make money online with no need for any investment to start. With these, you can easily avoid having potential negative financial risks and start making money today! Here are some easy and tried ways to make money online without risk.

Work as a freelancer

Today, many people are switching to working as a free agent because it doesn't require a financial commitment, and it just feels good to be your own boss. Think about what skills you have: writing, taking photos, graphic design, programming, animation... More and more companies are outsourcing tedious and other low-stakes work to freelancers, especially in the age of remote work!

Find a few major portals and register as a freelancer on each of them. The next step is to promote your services by creating a portfolio and showcasing some of your previous work to potential clients. In many countries, you don't need to set up a company to become a freelancer, and minors can work this way with parental consent. Very often in the European Union you can provide services, but you can't work using contracts.

work as a freelancer

Create your own stuff

If you have skills that require a computer, maybe work as a freelancer. And if your hobby is crafts, why not sell your stuff: if you can sew, sell clothes; if your passion is cooking, offer baked goods, healthy snacks or catering services. There is a huge market for handicrafts on the Internet, and it's easy to break into this market and earn money from home without any investment if you have some creative or culinary talent.

This begs the question: how much money can you make? That already depends on your skills. In general, you don't have to set up a business, although in the UK and Europe you have to account for things you sell that represent income above a certain ceiling. In short, earn money from home with no need of any investment to start as long as you don’t earn too much. Or you can open a business and invest part of your profits in materials and tools to develop yourself and your skills.

Start your own insurance brokerage

Working as an insurance agent is one of the best ways to make money online with no upfront costs. You also have flexible hours, and you are basically only doing brokerage. If you have no experience, it might be one of the best ways to earn money from home with zero investment.

An insurance agent represents a specific insurance provider in the online marketplace. If you become an agent, you will be able to advise clients on the best insurance policy options - you meet with them online, research their situation and recommend the best policy for them, and the company pays you a commission. Most often this requires you to be 18 years old, have your own business, and often complete a course and certificate - depending on the country or state.

Similar companies may have other services that require commissions - banks, real estate or Internet service providers. It's a great job for anyone who thinks they want to live on commissions and isn't satisfied with a steady income every month.

Become a tester

Making money by testing beta versions of apps and websites is another easy way to generate money online without investment. Companies and app developers often use consumers for so-called "beta testing" to ensure the quality of products. As a tester, you have to use the application extensively and send developers to point out any bugs or problems you encounter.

This job requires no specialized training or education, making it ideal for those looking for flexible schedules or remote work. Young people in particular often dream of a career as a video game tester... although the cost may be a good computer (not always a console), but this is the only investment you need.

become a tester - no investment

Online surveys

One way to make money online with no investment is to participate in paid online surveys. While completing surveys for cash won't make you rich overnight, it can give you some extra cash when you need it. Paidwork ensures that you will be paid for completing surveys. Payments per survey can vary, but in general, the more services you perform, the more you will earn. You can also earn in other ways by engaging in activities such as playing video games, watching ads and shopping on the website. All you have to do is try our free app.

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