During the Covid-19 pandemic, remotely performed jobs became very popular. However, it is not the main reason for their popularization. It is also heavily influenced by the progress of civilization, resulting in an increasing demand for online services. One of the jobs getting really popular is Virtual Assistant. Company bosses have always employed assistants in order to relieve themselves of duties such as scheduling meetings or answering emails, for example, so as time goes on, this profession too has an online version of itself!

Who is a Virtual Assistant and what do they do?

A virtual assistant is a person who, like his or her archetype, deals with professional support for entrepreneurs, primarily online. The virtual assistant has a whole host of activities. These most often include:

  • customer intermediation,
  • administrative work, paperwork,
  • preparation of presentations,
  • proofreading,
  • research for the company,
  • preparation of summaries,
  • social media management,
  • creation and management of databases,
  • assisting with webinars,
  • project management.

virtual assistant working on charts

How to become a Virtual Assistant?

Before you start looking for a job as a virtual assistant, consider a few things. Do you want to work for large companies, small companies or maybe freelancers? What industry do you want to work in, perhaps you already have experience in some? What do you want, and what wouldn’t you like to do? Also think about whether you have the right skills required for the job. Some of them are for example:

  • using Internet mail service,
  • familiarity with MS Office,
  • knowledge of social media account management tools,
  • ability of preparing creative marketing companies,
  • foreign languages skills.

If you feel that your skills are not good enough, try to educate yourself, for example by taking online courses.

Where to look for the job and what are the average wages?

First of all, start by finding adverts looking for a virtual assistant on websites designed for this purpose. You can also post your own. It's also worth setting up social media profiles to promote your business, such as Facebook or Instagram. Try joining the digital freelancer community and check freelancing websites, this may help a lot. There’s a list of websites that may help you.

where to look for such a job?

As far as earnings are concerned, you know, in every industry and depending on your skills and experience they will look different. The hourly rate for a virtual assistant varies from around $10 to as much as $30!

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