If you have your own website, why not make money from it? When you are feeling the lack of money and you have your own website, you just have to read this article.

Affiliate marketing

We already wrote recently that affiliate marketing can be very profitable. If you're a blogger, why not try using your community's resources? You can advertise products that you actually use, as well as those that someone will simply pay you for.

In addition to the money you make, you may also gain the item you advertise, as many brands allow you to keep their products after you advertise it.

Remember, nevertheless, to avoid advertising worthless items, as the trust of the community can be lost very easily. Good affiliate marketing also means passive income -people are eager to come back for good products and are happy to recommend them.

Advertising space

If you want to make money online successfully, you have to accept the fact that you will often come across advertisements and you have to accept that. That's why our next suggestion will be to use your site as advertising space, which of course you can sell.

The easiest way to sell advertising space on your site is to use Google AdSense. This is a fairly simple to implement plug-in that allows Google to display ads tailored to users' preferences. On their website you can see how much you can earn this way.

news on your website


Total online sales are worth more than $850 billion a year. Although giants like Amazon are primarily responsible for such huge amounts, everyone is able to get something for their own.

If you already have a website and are blogging, maybe it's also possible to sell something through it? If you write about rock climbing, you can sell climbing ropes, hiking shoes or tents. If you are a computer blogger, perhaps you can sell electronic equipment after all, also using dropshipping.

If you want to make money online, running an online store is certainly worth considering, although it will require a lot of regularity and discipline.


Let's start by expanding the acronym. SAAS, or software-as-a-service, is a group of cloud-based services that are made available to customers through websites. If your website is related to marketing, IT or other fields that require a lot of utilities, perhaps this is a solution that will bring you a lot of profits.

How to make money from a website using the SAAS model? At the very beginning, you need to find someone to create the software you will sell. To do this, it's a good idea to use the services of a freelancer or software-house, unless you're a programmer and can do it yourself. Keep in mind, however, that selling SAAS requires good marketing, which means big costs.


There are several topics where reliable information is extremely valuable. A good example would be investments. You don't even know how many people will pay you $100 a month or more for a good newsletter about investing!

It's an interesting proposition if you want to make money wherever you are, because all you need for this job is a computer and access to the Internet, but as with e-commerce, regularity and discipline will be necessary, after all, it's for sending information on time that you get paid. You'll also need to have an audience, which you'll build up by blogging, for example.

Paid E-books

Paid e-books are quite difficult to implement, but also an interesting way to monetize your own website. It will be quite hard for you to make money exclusively from e-books, but if you have an interesting blog and know that the knowledge contained in the books will allow you to sell them, it is worth a try. If you are wondering how to make money online through writing e-books, it will probably be very difficult. Why? Because your own book requires not only a lot of work, but also passion.


There are many sites that make money from cashbacks. The idea is quite simple: your site redirects people to online stores, and they pay you a fee. You then share your profit with the merchants. This is one of the ways that Paidwork works, although there are many sites that make money strictly this way.

increase of likes on your website

This is an easy, though very risky, activity. There are two ways to make money through links. The first is called content marketing. You simply write articles that include links to other sites that pay you for it.

The second way is much less safe, as Google may ban your site. It involves creating hundreds of pages where you simply place links one after another. This helps raise their search engine ranking, but it is a rather unprofitable method and is rarely used.

Advertising your own services

How to make money from a website offline? Use it to advertise your services! If you run a business, your own website will be an excellent showcase for your company. You will make a lot of money this way, and if you additionally use the other ways we wrote about above, the profits will be even higher.

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