LinkedIn is not just for people looking for a job or an employee. LinkedIn is a great place to make business contacts and grow your business.

LinkedIn for many people is just a job search site, recruitment app, social networking site and professional networking site. However, it's worth looking at it from more than just the perspective of an employee or freelancer. How to use LinkedIn to promote your business? If you're an entrepreneur or thinking of starting your own business, LinkedIn is a social network that can be used to inform people about your brand and build relationships with them. This social platform allows you to make a name for yourself in your industry and send content and ads to people related to your profession.

How do you use LinkedIn to do business? LinkedIn for business can make marketing your company far easier by offering tools and a group of prospective customers and workers ready to talk to you. From our article, you'll learn how to add business on LinkedIn, how to gain potential customers and partners on LinkedIn by posting interesting content and participating in industry discussions.

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Best LinkedIn for Business advice

Rely on articles

You can post updates on your LinkedIn company profile. This allows you to use the most valuable part of your company, which is its people, to tell about the effects and work of your company. Present recently completed projects, new partnerships, press coverage, creative tips, new features or products, and anything else that shows how serious and active your company is.

When you log in to LinkedIn for business, at the top of the page you'll see an option to share an article, photo, or update. “Write an article” allows you to publish longer content on your profile—which will present your company as a thought leader and you as a serious partner.

What kind of content performs best on LinkedIn? According to company reports, six out of ten LinkedIn users are most interested in reading industry news. Then about half are interested in company news, and new products and services.

So now you know how to use LinkedIn to promote your business. If you have new features for your product, describe them on LinkedIn—but be sure to present them in terms of your customers. You can write how a new feature will be useful to freelance graphic designers… and two days later on how the same feature will be useful to a large company. Don't be afraid to recycle topics if you are actually serving up new content.

Publish newsletters on LinkedIn

Although this option is not yet open to everyone, you can publish articles as newsletters. LinkedIn Newsletters are a collection of articles that you publish regularly on LinkedIn, usually on a single topic (like a typical corporate newsletter).

People can “subscribe” to your newsletter, and when they do, they will receive a push notification, an in-app notification and an email alert every time you publish a new item in the newsletter on LinkedIn. They don't have to read it in their email inbox—and many businesspeople are constantly logged into LinkedIn, including after work hours. This way can be much more effective than classic email marketing.

Whether you want to publish newsletters or articles on your LinkedIn Business profile, be sure to keep a steady pace of updates. Decide whether you publish every day, every other day, or once a week, and stick to it. Your fans will expect your content on a regular basis, and regularity builds trust. Determine which days and times generate the most interaction and include them in your publishing schedule.

What are LinkedIn Stories?

The TikTok or Snapchat craze has appeared on all the other social networks like Facebook and Twitter. LinkedIn, too, allows you to share short videos.

LinkedIn Stories is a simple and very interesting way to share a small piece of content on Linked In. The short clip gives outsiders a glimpse into your life or the life of your company—an unconventional way to market your content. What's more, these videos disappear after 24 hours, just like all Story features on other platforms, so they inspire a sense of exclusivity in your customers.

You can use your phone's camera to take a photo or video, or upload a photo or video from the gallery. (Videos can only be 20 seconds long). Upload it on your Linked In for business customers to see! You can learn more about practices on earning money from short films in our article on How to Make Money from TikTok.

As the name suggests, LinkedIn Stories is all about storytelling—so have fun with your customers. You can introduce a new employee, unbox an important tool or do a sneak peek of a new product this way—the important thing is to make it fun and interesting for the business customer!

Use hashtags

Hashtags are often used to highlight posts on many social networks. With hashtags, marketers can reach new people, groups, and niches. But if you use too many, or worse, the wrong ones, you may not be able to reach the audience you care about.

Check which hashtags are popular and whether they will help you with search. Some hashtags get a lot of impressions—but are of little use from the customer's point of view, like very generic tags like #marketing, #growth. Try longer and more specific hashtags, like #linkedinmarketing.

Host streaming events with LinkedIn Live

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of live streams has skyrocketed in recent years, but this is not the only reason. Live streams allow unique contact with customers from all over the world, are fun and unpredictable, and create a friendly atmosphere of direct contact.

If you want to use live-streaming to reach your B2B audience in 2022, you can try LinkedIn Live. With LinkedIn for business, you can hold virtual events, press conferences, expose new products and create virtual panels. There are even industry conferences hosted entirely on LinkedIn.

To organize your own event, send a request to the LinkedIn crew. You can start booking and marketing the event once your company's LinkedIn Live page is approved.

Leverage LinkedIn groups

Facebook groups have already replaced online forums. However, for your company, it's worth remembering that groups bring together people who may be interested in your products but are not yet connected to you.

Remember not to spam—marketing on LinkedIn is about consistently contributing value, insights, and ideas to the community. If you see an interesting discussion, and have a solution to a problem, don't be afraid to present it—but don't promote your product. Promote your company and your expertise. It's about creating real and long-lasting relationships with people who are important to your company.

LinkedIn groups

What are the key concepts of promoting business on LinkedIn?

Now you know how to use LinkedIn to promote your business. Creating a personal page, using hashtags, posting regular updates and joining groups are the first steps. You need to present yourself as a knowledgeable partner and industry expert.

Above all, don't be pushy. You want to be professional, so don't spam, don't send mass emails, don't constantly advertise your own products, and genuinely interact with other people. In real life, it's not about passing out flyers vs. having a sincere conversation with your partner, and that translates on LinkedIn!

Don't be afraid to approach strangers and strike up a real conversation. If you notice someone complaining about the lack of a tool, you can send them a message like “hey, I saw your post in the group, we have a tool just for you—if you want, I'll send you a code for a free trial.” That's what social media is for!

The bottom line is that if you put in the effort, you can use LinkedIn's marketing tools to get new customers, build awareness about your company and find new partners—all without paying a dime, as long as you're authentic.

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