How to Write a Book - Simple Steps to Create a Bestseller

Many writers want their books to become bestsellers. Creating such a widely read book is a very difficult process that depends on many factors. This does not mean that it is an unattainable goal, but it is worth remembering that the idea alone is not everything.

Where to start writing?

When starting the adventure, the essence of which is to create a bestseller, the first thing to do is to determine what genre it will belong to and what group will become its main audience. If the book is to hit the 9-11 age range, it must contain elements that will be sufficiently appealing to this particular audience. It is impossible to create a bestseller whose universality will be accessible to everyone.

The literary school according to which the author wants to write the book also plays an important role. It can be created schematically, according to a well-defined plan, arranged according to the pattern of already created bestsellers, or it can be the result of sudden inspiration, often changeable under the influence of emotions.

Book marketing

Before entering the book market, it is important to remember that, as in any other field, it is governed by the laws of marketing. Fashions and trends change all the time, and the market is constantly watched by booksellers and publishers. For a long time, books about vampires, werewolves, and paranormal phenomena dominated the bestseller lists. Then the trends reversed to camp and erotic literature, and now a renaissance of detective fiction can be observed.

Fitting into the prevailing fashion, however, is not a complete success, but only an element in the whole procedure. Now and then, emerging books cause the return of already forgotten trends. In such a specific area of marketing as art, it is also worth taking into account the cultural peculiarities of a particular region and what subject may be of particular interest to a particular society.

The question can then be asked, does success have a nationality? Smashwords has published some studies showing that the largest number of best-selling authors come from the US, Canada, and the UK.

you think about this book

How to publish a book?

Once the book project is ready for publication, every writer thinks about how to publish the book in the most favorable way, to make it available in as many bookstores and online stores as possible. There are several ways to publish your book.

Traditional publishing

The most common and popular method to publish a book is to send it to a well-known publishing house. Beforehand, it is a good idea to make sure that the chosen company does not have any specific requirements. Some publishing houses, for example, do not publish Criminals, others give a specific length of the book. It is necessary to get acquainted with all the information beforehand so that the book is not rejected in advance. You should also take into account that it can take up to several months to get a response from the publishing house.

Wattpad and e-books

If you're a teenager, you probably don't have enough money and reputation to publish your book in paperback. A great solution to your problem would be to post on Wattpad or another site with similar content!

First of all, it is possible to make money on Wattpad. Although theoretically books and stories are free there, you can actually become an influencer of some kind and create crypto-advertising in your works. This may not be entirely ethical, but it is legal and is an interesting way to monetize your e-books online.


An alternative to the first option is to publish a book on your own. This option was used by the world's greatest writers such as Jane Austin or Marcel Proust. Self-publish involves paying individually for all stages of publication-from the editor to graphics to a properly conducted promotional campaign. Although the cost is high, it allows you to decide independently on all elements of the book. There are a large number of so-called outlets that help writers successfully achieve their goal.

Vanity publishing

This is one of the cheapest options presented. A huge plus is also the short turnaround time. It is worth reckoning with the fact that printing houses do not have professional editors, so the published book may contain small errors. In addition, vanity publishing does not include the promotional action you could count on in self-publishing.

How to write a book review?

You love to write, enjoy independence and read a lot. Maybe you should become a literature critique? A good review is, first of all, short and precious. A review is not a summary, so you should not touch on all the plots and characters. The basis is a gripping account of the overall plot of the reading. You can also mention the author and genre of the book, but here, too, you should include as much interesting information as possible to interest the potential reader. The last part of the review is your own opinion, which will focus on the author's style and ingenuity.

how to write a book review

Writing a bestseller is not an easy task, but an original idea, a well-thought-out marketing plan, and the author's patience can already account for half of the success.

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