Paidwork company, in cooperation with Vefio, we set new standards in programming teaching, offering innovative practices in the IT area. Our company's offer includes not only programs for teaching new professional competences, but also participation in commercial projects at the beginning. Currently, over several dozen people have taken advantage of the opportunity to join within a few weeks.


Innovative approach to teaching


Nowadays, more and more people want to try their hand at IT. AI & Machine Learning is becoming an increasingly popular field. That's why for several months we have been offering candidates the opportunity to learn under the supervision of experienced programming seniors. The full offer with the possibility of application can be found HERE.


This is not a course in which the candidate is only provided with dry knowledge, but meetings with the company's dev team several times a week and working on real projects. This type of practical skills are highly appreciated by employers who prefer people with first industry experience.


Support from specialists: mentoring, monitoring and professional success


In our company, the added value are specialists and mentors who supervise the development of each participant. They support both during and after the internship. They monitor progress, help solve problems, and share practical experience. Thanks to this, interns not only learn, but also build solid foundations for their professional career. You can check out our team on LinkedIn HERE.


Diversity of choice and long-term development


Paidwork offers a wide range of practices, from which everyone can choose something for themselves. Whether you are interested in mobile application design (Flutter/Kotlin/Swift), managing DevOps tools in Google Cloud, website development (HTML, JS, C#, SQL, React, PHP), or backend (Backend Laravel), we have internships that will provide practical skills. Additionally, areas such as AI & Machine Learning open the door to the world of modern technologies. This is a unique offer that allows for diverse development in line with the interests and dynamically changing needs of the industry.


You will find more offers on our website.


Why is it better than odds?


We believe in a practical approach to learning. Real projects that are implemented not only improve technical skills, but also teach a practical approach to problem solving. The internships are intensive, demanding, but above all, satisfying, thanks to which the trainees quickly gain experience. You will find the opinions of our satisfied participants on the partner's website.


Participants can stay on the internship for as long as it is convenient for them. However, the condition for joining is to pay an entry fee, which is to mobilize the candidate in action. Thanks to this, candidates have the opportunity to continuously develop and explore various areas with the help of an experienced Dev team. Moreover, several people have already completed their internships and gained permanent employment in the company. This is proof that the internship program leads to real and lasting effects, and its next goal is the possibility of employment within companies. You can find the stories of their path to obtaining competencies enabling employment as independent specialists HERE.


Innovative practices are the key to successful development in the IT field. Support from specialists, the ability to choose the direction of development, practical classes on real projects - all this makes us an essential place for those who want to succeed in the field of programming, especially development towards AI & Machine Learning. For us, the future is to continue innovation and inspire the next generations of specialists in this fascinating field.


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