Increasingly, running a business and getting as much revenue out of it as possible is moving to the Internet. In order to actively participate in the development of your business, you need to look around for cooperation. Therefore, in the language of marketing and business, the term affiliation is becoming increasingly popular.

Foremost, what exactly is website affiliate marketing?

In simplest terms, a business strategy that is able to generate high income through our online presence. Affiliate marketing is basically a business relationship between two parties. The affiliate earns a commission for promoting a selected merchant. The affiliate, on the other hand, establishes a relationship with the affiliate brand (also known as the advertiser) and recommends the brand's products on its social media accounts, blogs and other platforms. How does it make money online? That's easy, on a commission from each sale that occurs based on his recommendation.

How it works: the advertiser gives its affiliate a special link so that the company is able to monitor the number of transactions that come from the affiliate's sites. They settle according to the actual level of sales.


The Best 9 Affiliate Programs That Pay The Highest Commission


  • Vendors: the company producing or distributing the products.
  • Affiliate partners: publisher. Conducts activities for the advertiser, uses tools such as websites, social media or blogs.
  • Customers: people who buy a product
  • A customer making a purchase uses an affiliate link, and the affiliate gets a commission on that transaction.

How billing works:

  • Pay per sale: a commission each on a sale. The most popular method.
  • Pay per lead: Paying an affiliate for acquiring customer data by filling out forms or taking advantage of a trial period offer.
  • Pay per click: the advertiser pays the affiliate when a customer clicks on a link from the affiliate's website.

How do you even get started?

  1. Choose the right platform for you. Remember that the choice is wide, and it's up to you which one you choose. It can be a blog, YouTube or Instagram. We recommend the latter two the most, as blogs are slowly losing ground when it comes to advertising and social media is the head tool. Of course, you can use several at once.
  2.  Finding your audience. It's a good idea to focus on one category to specialize in, then it's easier to find yourself among several hundred competitors. This increases the chance of breaking through in the market.
  3.  Attracting an audience. First and foremost, it's SEO, that is, optimizing your pages for search engines so that they appear high in the displayed positions on the content of specific pages that have been put up. In addition to that, paying individual sites for promotion and paying them for clicks (however, you should think about whether you will make yourself in debt to begin with). In addition to that, being active on social media, newsletters.
  4. Trying to find partners who will advertise your product or services. The easiest way is to hit influencers or companies, agree on terms of cooperation and act to start a program affiliate.
  5. In addition to this, knowledge of the market, trends, orientation of what is trending on the Internet and what is worth investing in.


The Best 9 Affiliate Programs That Pay The Highest Commission

Best affiliate programs for you!

  1. MyLead is an absolute winner among marketing affiliate programs. Why? Because we have all the major companies in one place. We display a listing for a particular affiliate, and we can join, without having to contact and apply for an affiliate directly.
  2. Amazon Associates is a giant among affiliate programs since 1996. In fact, the first such site. They earn money by sharing links and charge a percentage for each click. You can get started by registering on their site. This is one of the free affiliate programs
  3. eBay Partner Network is basically the best paying affinity program. There is only one catch, work mainly on eBay products. Varies are about 50%-70% depending on the product type.
  4. ClickBank has a reach calculated at around 200 million people worldwide, with digital products in more than 20 categories. It offers commissions as high as 75%.
  5. Commission Junction is a company with 20 years of experience. They are able to offer on more than 500 companies entering into affiliation agreements. In addition, there is a package to choose from. The largest coverage is called an all-inclusive package.
  6. Impact is a company trying to connect private entrepreneurs with huge brands like Uber, Adidas, or Airbnb. Automated tools allow the company to generate the highest profits from sales.

Best affiliate programs for beginners:

  1. GiddyUp is something for affiliate beginners. It allows you to easily reach consumers directly, partnering with more than 150 such entities. The range of genus of promoted services or products is also wide, besides we have all the time offered support from their side.
  2. Awin is also an easy option for beginners in programming affiliate, for the reason that only an account on any social network is required. They have access to over 21,000 companies through which we can advertise our services or products, leaving only a $5 deposit on the site, for a fresh start.
  3. Rakuten affiliate linked to more than 2,500 different companies selling a variety of products, from different commercial branches. All you have to do is go to their site and get started, but after that, Rakuten requires a commitment to match your information channels with the available links.

As you can see, with the tools currently available, such as social media, we are able to start our adventure with affiliation, which is currently the most popular way to monetize your products or services. The future and growth of your business is in your hands!

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