Although it is common knowledge that a university degree makes life a lot easier, for example through increased opportunities on the labour market, the world is moving on and with its progression comes an increasing number of very well-paid professions, for which an education becomes just unnecessary. If you are interested in getting to know what are the highest paying jobs without a college degree, you should definitely read this article.

1. Transport and distribution management

This is probably one of the highest paying jobs without degrees. It involves managing activities related to the transport, storage and distribution of specific products.The prospects in this profession reach really wide. Thanks to the development of the internet, global trade is constantly expanding, for example through online shopping. Your job is to ensure that transport runs smoothly, without damage and arrives at the designated locations. Currently, the median income in this profession is almost $95,000 per year.

2. Commercial pilot

Many people don’t even have a clue that this can be one of many good paying jobs without degrees.To become a pilot for an airline, higher education at special aviation schools will be required - which certainly takes years. A fairly well-paid profession, with median earnings in the region of $86,000 per year, is commercial piloting, or, for example, piloting rescue (hospital) aircraft. A high school diploma and several weeks of training are required for this position.

3. Makeup artist

If you are interested in make-up and can boast a portfolio with really nice and distinctive work, you should easily be able to find plenty of job offers, for example on film sets, breakfast TV or theaters. We can even say that this is one of the best jobs without a degree for artistic souls. Although you can earn quite a lot from your work as a make-up artist on private freelance assignments, earnings when working for theaters and television can reach up to $76,000 a year! The only requirement for working as a make-up artist is really your experience and talent, as even a simple primary or secondary education is sufficient for employment. It can be a great part time job for students!

4 brushes of different sizes that touch the pink make-up artist's palette

4. Aircraft mechanic

Aircraft, like any other vehicle, needs frequent servicing to ensure that their passengers travel safely and as smoothly as possible. The demand for aircraft mechanics is therefore similar to that for car mechanics, and for both the former and the latter, only a technical education is required. The median annual salary for an aircraft mechanic is approximately $63,000, making aircraft mechanic another one of the best jobs without a degree.

5. Merchant marine

As the planet earth is more than 70 percent covered with water, making it difficult to move people and goods overland, the oldest and most cost-effective mode of transport remains by water.There are many good paying jobs without degrees that can be performed at sea. In the commercial and merchant navy, a university degree isn’t usually required. An undergraduate degree is fully sufficient, and licenses to move on water are issued after successful completion of maritime courses, lasting from a few weeks to a few months. The average median salary for this position is approximately $57,000 per year.

6. Wind turbine technician

For some years now, wind power has become a very popular energy source. With the increasing popularization of turbine windmills, the need for the service technicians is growing. Specialists therefore need to know how to repair, maintain and check the usability of turbines, for which they need knowledge of mechanics, hydraulics and electronics. No higher education is required to service wind turbines - a high school education and certified technical training is sufficient. The job pays really well - the median annual earnings are around $53,000 - and the demand is increasing, guaranteeing many jobs in the near future, or even now.

7. Firefighter

Although many people do not realize it, a very good paid job without a degree is that of a firefighter. This job, although very hard and dangerous, in many countries around the world does not require the completion of a special school, only a series of training courses on, for example, first aid. What is required, however, is a near-perfectly passed fitness test and a series of psychological tests to assess the candidate's stamina, composure and maturity. The median annual earnings of a firefighter are bordering on as low as $51,000, although for the highest-earning group in the profession, earnings can reach as high as $88,000.

A firefighter is one of the well-paying jobs. 2 firefighters putting out a fire.

8. HVAC & Refrigeration Technicians

It might seem that this is a job that is not very high-paying and is already, to put it mildly, extinct. Nothing could be further from the truth! The median annual earnings of a specialist in this field oscillate around almost $50,000, and the profession's prospects continue to expand. This is due to environmental advances, both in terms of refrigeration and the sheer energy required to run these appliances. No university degree is needed for this job - all that is required is a high school diploma, or a technical degree, followed by specialized training to prepare for the profession.

9. Transmission and audio support

When you watch TV, listen to radio broadcasts or even attend concerts, you don't usually think about how it all works, because you are getting the end product of the work of producers, visual and sound technicians and many others. But in this case, we will focus specifically on the people involved in broadcasting and sound. Although many schools, including, for example, film schools, currently offer courses in this profession, a good technical knowledge and prior training in the use of equipment is often all that is required. The work is not very hard - but it does require good split attention skills. What are the salaries like? Well, annual earnings in this profession reach up to $45,000, making it a really well paid job without a college.

10. Bookkeeper

One of the very well known best paying jobs without a degree, although not many people know about it, is a bookkeeper. A high school diploma is required to work in this profession and, with time on the job, knowledge of law and basic mathematics. The duties of those working in accounting mainly include calculating and settling clients' tax liabilities and recording economic events. One can earn up to $41,000 per year for working in this position. However, it is important to note that it requires conscientiousness, reliability and, above all, accuracy, as minor mistakes can cause serious financial and legal problems.

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