If you don't know what is affiliate marketing, want to learn more about it or are wondering how to make money online with affiliate marketing, you found the perfect article! Enjoy your reading!


Before you learn how to start affiliate marketing, it's time to get some knowledge. Affiliate marketing is also known as associate marketing or partner marketing. According to many sources, it is a business model in which individuals or companies not affiliated with the core company promote its products, receiving a share of the profits.
You may have also seen the term affiliate network, or affiliate programs, which open up new channels for selling products/services through the use of websites.

Is it legal? Does it actually work? Earnings

Some of you may be wondering if affiliate marketing is legal. Definitely yes, affiliate marketing is legal, as long as you don't mislead or cheat people. We didn't find a country where affiliate marketing was banned, but before you start making money this way, be sure to check it out once more.

And does network marketing work? Although, according to 99firms, almost half of the affiliates earn less than $20,000 a year, network marketing does indeed work and can be profitable. Of course there are scams, but they happen everywhere.

Types of affiliate marketing

There are three types of affiliate marketing. They vary in the level of commitment, profitability and the form of the communication.

  1. Unattached affiliate marketing: this type is considered the most attractive because it requires the least involvement on your part. It is a standard PPC/CPC type marketing campaign in which you are not connected in any way with the consumer. You simply paste an affiliate link and hope that someone clicks on it and makes a conversion. In theory, you don't need to have a group of fans, friends or followers to make money from unrelated affiliate marketing, but in practice it's very difficult.
  2. Related affiliate marketing: this form requires an already defined audience. It is a good choice for people who run a podcast, blog or have a recognizable social media profile and want to advertise something that is related to their niche. Very often it is the case that the person advertising a product has never used it. Be sure to advertise trusted products in this way, as you can very easily lose your reputation.
  3. Engaged affiliate marketing: this is advertising products or services that you have used and can sincerely recommend. This kind of marketing requires more than a banner or a short advertising text, you should describe it in detail and extensively. Your involvement increases your revenue very strongly. Engaged affiliate marketing is the complete opposite of PPC.

types of affiliate marketing

How to become an affiliate marketer?

To start with, you need to take care of the source of money, and we don't mean a company that wants to sell its product right now. We'll get to that later. If you want to make money from affiliate marketing, you need to find an audience. This can be your friends (who you can easily lose this way), your fans or other people who know about your existence. This is why celebrities make the biggest money from affiliate marketing.
If you run your own blog, are a vlogger or have a popular account on Tiktok or Instagram, the task will be easier.
Ok, you already have a community. Now it's time for content. If you're known for creating fashion videos, you've probably guessed that you need to find partners who want to sell clothes or accessories. If you don't have a specific niche, it's high time to find one!

How to find affiliate programs?

It's time to find an affiliate program. There are tons of companies on the Internet that are looking for affiliates to cooperate with. The most popular companies are: HubSpot, Elementor, Moosend, AWeber and Sendinblue. They are generally recommended and proven, although they probably don't have the best terms of cooperation, just the right marketing. However, we are not here to judge.

How to succeed? 5 tips

  1. Ensure the quality of the products you advertise. Nobody likes to buy crap, and many companies are looking for people to promote poor quality products. Avoid it more than anything else.
  2. Take care of the quality of the message. In addition to poor product quality, customers are also scared off by poor quality advertising. Take care of the content that carries the advertisement, and revenue is sure to increase.
  3. Be patient. Affiliate marketing can be a passive income, but it certainly won't be so right away. It is imperative that you ensure regularity in what you are currently doing.
  4. Look at partnerships in the long term. Maybe a particular network doesn't offer the best rates, but the advertised product has a chance to make big profits? It's better to advertise long term but for less than short term for more.
  5. Match the product to your content. If you are making computer reviews, then forgive advertising teas and dresses, and focus on advertising electronic devices or VPNs.

find affiliate programs

How to make money online with other ways?

Now you already know how to make money with affiliate marketing. However, you might feel that for some reason this form of work does not suit you, for example, because you have too small an audience. What can you do then?

There are actually many ways. We have already written on our blog about being a freelancer and holiday jobs. In addition, you can also make money online with Paidwork. It's possible that you'll earn more this way than with affiliate marketing, although it doesn't hurt to try both methods.

We hope that in this article you have found all the most important information about affiliate marketing. However, we encourage you to expand your knowledge of this business model on your own.

And if you make some money from affiliate marketing, it will be worth investing it properly. That's why we recommend you an article about the basics of investing to learn what you can put your capital into.

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