In today's globalized world connected by the Internet, people can make money in many ways. You can make money working from home, or create a stationary business—and it's easy to make money using the Internet. Selling digital products has quickly become one of the most profitable ways to make money online.

If you want to create your own online store selling digital goods, keep reading to learn everything you need to know. From this article, you will learn what digital products to sell and how to make money from these!

What is a digital product?

A product is anything you can sell for cash or exchange for other goods, a sandwich, a photo, or wool socks. So what is a digital product?

Digital products are products that you can buy and download instantly. You can't touch them, since they are intangible, existing only as computer data. They can be streaming movies and TV, video games, software and apps, as well as e-books, PDFs, music and video files, templates, etc.

You don't need a film crew or a team of programmers to create high-quality digital products based on your own knowledge, creativity, skills and experience. You can create e-books or record podcasts using free tools like Canva or Audacity—and earn extra money by selling digital products.

Not only that, profit margins for digital products are often much higher than for physical items. What's more, since you don't have to factor in production costs, you don't have to worry about warehousing, production and replenishment—all of which add up to a simple and highly profitable business strategy. Once you have created digital products to sell, you can simply make money from those.

What digital goods are a good choice?

If you want to make money selling digital content, here are a couple of ideas we chose for you—it’s easy to branch out and add new offers to your portfolio.


You can write an e-book on any subject—fiction, documentary, or a guidebook. And when you're done writing, the product is ready—you only have to deal with the marketing. With e-books, you can easily earn passive income.

You yourself determine the length and content of the e-book, but it's worth finding editors and graphic designers to ensure that your digital products are of the highest quality. You can publish books on stores like Amazon or Lulu, but you can also find a traditional publisher. These companies generally let you convert doc files to EPUB format. You can also design e-books as PDFs in programs like Canva.

E-books go well with other digital projects like courses, podcasts, or templates. Publishing an e-book demonstrates that you are an expert on a topic and can popularize your brand.

write e-book

Online courses and digital tutorials

An online course is like a classroom, but instead of face-to-face contact with a teacher, students learn through video, audio and text-based modules. Students can take your course at their own pace, without deadlines or stress. You can easily craft your own digital course on platforms like Skillshare.

You can also publish free online tutorials on YouTube. If you can create one that is longer, more detailed and better, sell it as a digital product, whether as a course or using paid access. Often such tutorials can be about DIY or other hobbies. Documentaries are also interesting choice as digital products to sell —they are typically much more popular than professional documentaries on TV!


Podcasts are generally available for free, but you can create a subscription-based podcast. You can tap services like Patreon, Kickstarter or Spotify to monetize your podcast—for example, share additional material with your fans. Paying listeners can enjoy additional broadcasts, better quality audio and other benefits.

digital products is podcast


Since you no longer need a CD, you can sell your music as digital files. Well-known musicians like Amanda Palmer and Jonathan Coulton sell their music without going through a digital label, and so can you. You can record and sell your own music on your own website - or as a stock music for videos and podcasts. As a creator, you can maintain control over your work and focus on composing.


Even if you are not a professional photographer, you can sell your photos online. You can sell high-quality stock photos on sites like Shutterstock, but that's high competition. However, niches like food photos or digital backgrounds can often be very profitable. You can also get into photo editing, creating your own visuals from old photographs.

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