What is NFC?

NFC - fully known as near-field communication, is a system that enables easy communication between electronic devices at a certain distance, up to around 20 centimeters. To specify, it’s a short-range, wireless technology enabling connection between devices when they are touching, or just near to each other, that works by action of magnetic field induction. NFC is generally a system full of advantages. First of all, it’s very convenient, allowing you to pay without cash or credit card.

NFC also makes devices connect completely seamlessly. And of course the most important thing, payments made this way are confirmed to be a lot more secure than credit cards! Honestly, the only visible disadvantage of the NFC is its really short distance, but let's be real, nothing’s perfect.

pay by NFC

How does NFC work?

This is not a technology blog, so we’re going to try and simplify this for you, as much as possible. NFC is a wireless technology that allows you, for example, quick sending and receiving files from one mobile device to another, just by touching them to each other - you’ve probably at least once in your lifetime seen an advertisement of sending photos or songs from one phone to another, just by one slightest touch.

You’re also probably using NFC everyday, not even knowing about it. Do you pay by card while shopping? Contactless payment uses this exact technology, enabling you to pay quicker, without having to insert your card inside of the payment terminal.

How to use NFC?

To use NFC on your device, you need to enable this option in its settings. For different systems it’s of course going to look different, but overall, steps to activate NFC are going to look almost the same. First, go to the settings. Next, you should find a bookmark called connections, or directly NFC and contactless payments. You’ll probably need to simply switch to activate it. Next, if you want to use NFC for paying purposes, you’re going to connect a credit card, PayPal or any other source that’s going to be your digital wallet.

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