If you've ever wondered about article writing, you probably came across a topic about text corrections. Who performs them? What does professional proofreading involve? What is the correct spelling, proof reader or proofreader? What are typical proofreading jobs?

Proof reader, proof-reader or proofreading?

Let's clear all doubts at the beginning. Each of these forms is correct, but according to Google statistics, proofreader is the most popular.

But who exactly is a proofreader?

Proofreader is involved in text editing. His job focuses on correcting typos, grammatical and stylistic errors. Proof reader is not an editor! Editors deal with catching factual errors, proofreading jobs are more related to the language layer.

Proofreaders can work either in the editorial offices of newspapers and online portals, or as freelancers, providing services independently.


What do I need to know and what characteristics do I need to have?

If you want to make money in proofreading, you need to have several skills and character traits without which this job will be very difficult or even impossible.

  1. You need to be fluent in the use of language. If you performed poorly in writing at school, proofreading will be tough for you. This job requires excellent spelling skills, so language is your main tool. If you want to be a proof reader of texts written in foreign languages, it would be a good idea to reach C1 level or above.
  2. You have to be very careful and attentive. Nobody likes to read something that is gibberish. It is essential to check each paragraph twice or more. If you are annoyed by constant revising or you are easily distracted, proofreading will be a struggle for you.
  3. You must be good at using a computer. A lot of people don't realize how useful text editors can be. The range of functions in office programs is vast, and without the right skills you will work slowly and inefficiently. Proofreading jobs and services have many performers, so if you want to be better than others, you have to fight for the quality of your services.
  4. Keep up with technical innovations. In point number 3 we mentioned editors such as Microsoft Word, but there is much more! Grammarly will help you to catch linguistic and grammatical errors, Cambridge dictionary is a huge database of synonyms, and ludwig.guru will be helpful when looking up citations. Technology can be extremely helpful, but you have to know how to use it, otherwise you'll be stuck in the 19th century, and nobody wants that.

The best way to get easy money as a student

If you work full-time, with a regular job at some company, your earnings will probably be a little better than the average salary in your country. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, proofer-readers make an average $21.48 an hour.

Although your earnings will be less then, with a small amount of time you can increase your personal budget. Rates start at 5 euros for 500 words and go up to $20 for the same amount. As you can see, it's not bad!

How to search for assignments?

If you choose to freelance, you must look for proofreading jobs yourself. Fortunately, there is a mass of websites dedicated to this purpose. We can recommend, based on our experience, sites such as Fiverr, Pitchme and... Facebook! Exactly yes, on this social network there are many groups whose members are looking for proofreaders.

If the Internet is not enough, a great idea would be to look among your friends. Perhaps someone is a copywriter or is publishing a book? Everyone who creates texts needs someone to help.

online work

And what's the catch?

Technology is not just a friend of a proof reader. With the development of AI, many word processing tools are being developed. Ok, you can use Grammarly in your work, but some of your potential clients may also have them and therefore abandon your services. In addition, competition in the sector is huge. There is a constant fight for clients, so if you want to make a lot of money, you have to be really good and offer competitive rates.


If you still want to become a proof reader, it's time to start! To start with, try to write a short text on any topic and then look for mistakes in it. You can also find any article on the Internet and start proofreading it until you get it right. Good luck!

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