For many people, cashback and coupon are the same thing. But is this actually the case? Of course not! In this article, we will explain to you in detail the differences between those two terms. We will also mention where to look for the opportunities.


If you've read our article about cashback, you probably know how it works. There's nothing stopping us from reminding you again. Cashback is a form of reward for making a purchase. For example: if you decide to invest in yourself and buy a course on Udemy, you can do it in 2 ways. The first is a bit simpler: you simply visit the website and make a purchase. You spend the money and get the course. The second way is to use the cashback program. If you buy the same course through Paidwork, you pay the same amount as you normally would, but you get a certain amount of money in return. That's how cashback works: after you buy, you get a portion of the purchase amount back into your account.

cashback or coupon?


Coupons work in a slightly different way. They give you a discount at the time of purchase, but you get nothing afterwards, as is the case with cashback. It's a fairly simple model that we see very often in retail. Remember discount codes in newspapers? That's exactly what we're writing about.

A lot of students spend a significant chunk of their time commuting, whether to school or to another job. International students, in particular, can use the time spent stuck in a school bus, tram or metro to earn a penny or two by watching a short video or playing a game on their smartphone.

What is better?

You may now be wondering which one is more profitable. While a lot depends on your approach to shopping, statistically, cashback turns out to be a bit more favorable for merchants. Why?

  • Cashback programs are much more constant. Coupons appear and disappear quickly because they are used to boosting sales for a short time. Cashback is often available for a really long time, so you can think carefully about the real point of the purchase.
  • Cashback is often combined with other promotions. If you've interacted with our app before, you've noticed that it offers several methods of earning money. This way, with a little patience, you can get much more benefit than from one-time promotions such as coupons.
  • Cashback is usually organized by trustworthy companies. Best cash back credit cards, in addition to the high percentage of funds recovered, are also very safe. No one wants to become a victim of online fraud, do they? If you don't know which credit cards are worthy of your attention, you can read about it in our cashback article

On what purchases can you save money?

We have already written several times on our blog that saving money does not have to be boring at all. Even more, it can be really enjoyable and you don't have to limit yourself. Paidwork collaborates with many brands, but your attention is sure to be captured:

  • HBO Max
  • Samsung
  • CoinSmart
  • Redbull

Paidwork is legal app

Why does Paidwork offer cashback? Is it legal?

It all sounds great, you're earning practically without any effort. However, you may wonder if cashback and coupons are legal. How is it possible that Paidwork wants to give you money for your purchases?

Yes, both cashback and coupons are completely legal, and you won't have any problems with taxes because of them. Cashback is profitable for both parties because it is simply a form of cooperation. Paidwork partners such as Udemy, HBO or CoinSmart spend a certain amount of money on advertising that would normally go 100% to the company that decides to promote them. Instead, Paidwork gives back some of that money in exchange for cooperation. And everyone is satisfied.

Now that you know all about cashback, it's time to put that knowledge to use! Download our app, which is available on ios and android, and start earning!

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