Let's say you've just found a job advert that seems perfect to you. After contacting a recruiter, you send your CV and wait for the results. Then, if you’re lucky enough, after some time you get an invitation for a job interview. Congrats! Here, however, you should remember about a very important thing, perhaps we should talk about this even before you send your CV to the recruiter. Namely, don't forget about accuracy in researching a company you aim at. Just because an advert seems perfect to you, it doesn't mean that the company is going to be flawless. How do you prepare well for an interview when applying for a job? How to properly research a company? If you want to know the answers to all these questions above, you may find this article actually very helpful.

What to research before an interview?

Well, as they say, the more you know - the better. However, the truth is that there are a few key pieces of information that you should definitely familiarize yourself with before entering an interview room. These are, first and foremost:

  • What does the company do?
  • Where is it located? Does it have other branches?
  • What is the distribution of responsibilities within the company, what positions does it have?
  • Which group does the company target?
  • What sector, or several, does the company specialize in?
  • What products and/or services does it sell?
  • What are its achievements, what further objectives does it have?

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How to bring that information into an interview?

Above all, you will know the answers to the previously mentioned interview questions, so you will avoid additional stress when an employer asks you what you know about the company you are aiming at. Besides, you can initiate a conversation with a potential boss yourself, asking him or her, for example, about a publicly announced project or cooperation with a new client. Prior recognition in the company's operations can also help you to become more familiar with doing the job for which you are applying.

How to research a company?

Now that you more or less know what information to look for about a company, we will focus on how to look for it. We are fortunate to live in the age of the internet, a time when almost all information is at our fingertips. All we have to do is type a phrase into a search engine, and we can find out almost anything we want in a few milliseconds, and here are some means to find the information we need even more quickly and more precisely.

1. Find the company's website

Starting from the very beginning, the simplest source of research will, of course, be the internet site of the company in question itself. It usually has all the information that you’ll ever need to know about the company. There you will certainly find tabs related to its history, if it has one - branches, achievements, and even team or management. By tracing the company's history, you will find out whether it is young or rather already has some seniority, and thus get acquainted with the competence of your potential boss. The same with achievements, the more a company has on its record, the better are your chances of self-development.

2. Search for the company’s profiles on social media platforms

Finding and observing social media profiles in advance is quite a helpful step before a job interview. How will it help you? Keeping an eye on what's being uploaded there will help you to keep up to date with what's going on in the company at all times, and as a result, you can shine in an interview by being up-to-date with your potential employer's business.

3. Get to know reviews about the company

In order to find out as many opinions as possible about a particular company, as always, the internet comes in with a very helpful solution. These are websites designed for giving opinions on a company, for example through customers or former or even current employees themselves. However, don't just focus on one review - the more you read, the better. Remember that they may be partly written by people connected with the company in order to improve its status, so they will not always be completely objective.
Here are some sites where you should look for such information:

All in all, it is nevertheless a good idea to get well acquainted with the company before proceeding with a job interview. This will help you, firstly, to boost your confidence a little and, secondly, prevent awkward situations during an interview with a potential employer. It is also a good preventative measure against falling into the trap of a dishonest boss - many people share their unhappy experiences publicly, which, paradoxically, can actually help you out a lot.
So now it's your turn to prepare well for your job interview using our advice. Best of luck!

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