In uncertain times, when we hear alternately about inflation, pandemic and war, we increasingly start to think about our spending. Many times we would like to spend less to save on a new car or vacation, but it is hard to switch to a new lifestyle. While saving money seems like a challenge at first glance, there are good and painless ways to earn a few pennies while maintaining a good standard of living. If you're interested, you'll find them in this article.

1. Eat at home

While it may seem that it is sometimes cheaper to eat out in comparison to the prices of items in stores, it is not! Eating out often consumes a lot of money and is in many cases much less healthy than what you can prepare yourself. Try not to be tempted and buy bars, energy drinks or sandwiches every day at local coffee shops. In addition, switching from Starbucks to making your own coffee at home will already significantly reduce your expenses.

Woman holding shopping: lots of fruits and vegetables. Shopping was definitely done with a list, so saving money is no stranger to her.

2. Drink less alcohol and sugary drinks

It has long been unknown that the cheapest and even free drink is water . So why drink sweetened drinks, often full of dyes and harmful substances? It is also worth buying fruit and making juice yourself, which will not only be cheaper, but also protect you from excessive sugar consumption. Also, giving up alcohol will save you a lot of money. Alcohol is not only unhealthy, it is also a very harmful drink that is easily addictive.

3. Take advantage of free trials

If you have paid programs or apps but you don't need them for work or school, do not buy the full month or year bundle right away. It will help you save money if you only use the free trials. Almost every developer now offers free trials, so take advantage of them!

4. Withdraw cash.

Many people have the habit of spending money on online shopping, usually not needed at all. If you are affected by this problem, start withdrawing money from your account, or at least most of it, so that digital purchases do not consume an unnecessary amount of your income. It will also help you to visually control the amount of money you spend on daily purchases etc.

5. Try to apply the 50/20/30 rule

First, analyze and define your budget. If you find that you are wasting too much money on ill-considered expenses, please apply 50/20/30 rules </ a > in your life - it really helps you save money quickly. It's really simple and very useful in life - spend 50% of your income on basic things like bills and purchases, 20% on financial obligations like loans and savings (for example a savings account to build financial pillow) and the remaining 30% for leisure and entertainment.

6. Give up unnecessary paid subscriptions

Ask yourself, do you really need Spotify, Apple Music, Netflix, HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and many, many more subscriptions? Consider if you're really getting the most out of your subscriptions, and if it's worth continuing to pay for them. You can listen to music for free, as there are many other ways to watch movies, such as the TV itself, which you pay for as well. Try to minimize the number of paid subscriptions or cancel them entirely and use the time you save to earn extra money.

7. Take advantage of discounts, sales and coupons

Keeping track of discounts and deals is no shame! By taking advantage of the many discounts you get in stores through coupons and occasional promotions, you can really save yourself from a dozen to even several dozen dollars a week!

8. Go out less often.

If you regularly go out with your friends for food, food and drinks, you will certainly not be able to save a satisfactory amount of money. The world will not collapse if you start refusing to go out often, and if you are a very sociable person and need to meet often, offer to meet your companions at home, where cooking and buying alcohol in the store will really work. be a better way to spend time together on a budget.

9. Sell ​​things that you don't need / don't use.

It may be that you have a closet full of clothes that you don't wear, or maybe even equipment that, even though you still do, has become part of the po. Why keep unwanted rubbish at home if you can sell it, giving it a second life and being eco-friendly at the same time? You can arrange a garage sale or simply put it up for sale on the Internet, on websites and portals designed for this purpose, and save the money you earn.

10. Cheaper alternative to transport.

If you usually take a car, Uber or taxi everywhere, it's really expensive because of the very high gas prices . Have you ever thought about minimizing transportation costs? If not, consider getting from place to place on foot or by bike! It's free (if you have a bike, of course), healthy for you and good for the environment. If the places you are going to are remote from each other, take a bus, tram or train. It will still be cheaper than gas, and it will also help you save money quickly.

A man chooses a bicycle to avoid buying tickets for public transport and saves money this way.

11. Earn extra money in your spare time

There are many ways to make extra money in a fun and fun way. For example, you can get interested in the topic of cashback, which is very useful for shopping, filling out polls online or even playing games or watching movies to earn money! If you want to know more, check out Paidwork !

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