Maybe you dream of quitting it all and going away to travel for an extended period of time.... in which case, you've most likely thought about the possibility of earning money during your travels. How to make money online? Maybe you dream of working on your laptop on the beach while sipping cold drinks or earning passive income on days when you're on the train and don't have access to Wi-Fi?

There are a million and one ways of making money while traveling. Some require certain skills, others, like earning money from surveys, are available to almost everyone. From our article, you'll learn how to work from anywhere in the world, traveling with a backpack and working in an unusual way. You can easily earn money online and fund your travels around the world if you know what you’re doing.

Create a travel Youtube channel

If you are media-savvy and enjoy the limelight, you can make videos of your travels. Creating a travel vlog is an excellent idea which can help others plan their vacations around the world - and help you make money online. You'll attract attention, and you can shoot with your phone or GoPro camera at no great cost - you just need to know how to edit the videos.

When you set up a travel YouTube channel, you open the door to an almost infinite number of potential revenue streams - you don’t have to worry how to make money online when traveling. Many people fund themselves through fan support on patreon, others advertise travel companies, others sell travel tips guides, create partnerships with brands, design and sell their own products. Well, and you can share your travels with others.

Teach Languages

Teaching English or your native language is becoming an increasingly common option for making money while traveling. It is one of the careers that is the least difficult to get abroad, and if you find the right place to work, you can even make significant money doing it.

If you want to teach as a certified teacher, you'll need to earn a TEFL certificate, which stands for "Teach English as a Foreign Language." However, many schools hire native speakers to serve as conversation partners, for example. You'll have the opportunity to teach students of different levels and age groups, from preschoolers to professionals, and you'll learn about the country's culture from the inside out.

Take and sell photos

Even if you don't carry your best camera for professional travel photographers, you can make money if you have a good eye for the pictures. One option is to sell your photos to photography companies in exchange for a licensing fee - you can offer them to authors of brochures or guidebooks. You can earn money online or sell the photos of your past travels.

You can also publish your vacation photos in the form of brochures or postcards, which you can then sell in person or in an online store. Interesting photos always attract attention. And if you really don't know how to make money online, just sell photos to stock companies; it's a good way to earn passive income.

A man taking photos while traveling

Become a model!

One more choice is to become a model, a profession that has the advantage of being quite mobile. If you travel a lot, you can often get unusual looks - what if you're the only Asian in town?

Use the social networks available in your area and look for opportunities on the Internet. Advertising agencies and stock companies are waiting for your photos. You can also earn money online, since it’s another passive income source.

A woman holding a camera who wants to become a model

Solve online surveys

Filling out online surveys is a real way of how to make money online, very useful for travelers. You can earn by solving surveys, playing games or watching ads using our Paidwork app and then withdraw the money you earn using PayPal.

Even if you don't speak the local language, with surveys you'll be able to partially pay for your trip by completing online surveys - and that can pay off big time!

Let's say you're in Tanzania, where a comfortable lifestyle can be had for $15 a day. Suddenly a survey that costs $2 and takes only 15 minutes of my time can pay for your meal. You don't have to bother t with red tape, or registration in the local offices - just download the free Paidwork app.

You can find the link to download the app here:

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