Sometimes in life, we experience moments when things don't go as planned. We feel defeated and helpless. We may get laid off from work or have our business go bankrupt. Does this situation sound familiar? Every person goes through moments of breakdown. Let's start moving towards success and happiness.

Here are steps that will help you overcome adversity:

Allow yourself to feel vulnerable

This is the first and crucial step. If you feel down, don't force yourself to ignore it because it will eventually come back to you. Allow yourself to go through this phase in your own way, whether it means crying, screaming, or meditating.

Take a moment to completely clear your thoughts and make space for new ideas and actions. Once you feel a sense of relief, move on to the next step.

Don't blame yourself for the lessons of failure

If you made mistakes and your current difficult situation is a direct result of your actions, chances are you didn't intend for things to go wrong. You experimented, searched for the best solutions, but unfortunately, it didn't work out. Treat failed attempt as a life lesson and learn from it as much as possible. Assess what you did wrong and what you can improve in the future to make your decisions more predictable.


In the case of failure, it's worth analyzing every step you took. This way, in order to succeed, it may be easier to identify the weak links that led to the disconnection on the road. There may have been multiple weak links.

Write your strengths and weaknesses on a paper, then only transfer the strengths to a separate sheet. From now on, stick to them as the foundation for rebuilding your empire.

8 Steps to Achieve Success After Failure

Constantly learn and grow

Test different solutions and if some of them bring positive results, add them one by one to your strong list.

It is important to heed the acquisition of knowledge. If you don't have funds for paid courses, training, or studies, make use of free tutorials to get started.

Take the first step and learn something new every day. Step by step, improve yourself. Initially, these steps may be small, but set a goal that you will do something towards success every day. Eventually, you will feel more confident and believe in your abilities.

Define your goals

The next step is to create a map of your dreams. It can be a list, photos, or a recording that you will listen to. Set your main goal and a few smaller ones, and determine how you want to achieve them.

Visualize yourself in the place you are striving for and feel as if you are already there. Our brain is designed to accept imagination as reality, making it easier to adapt conditions to our self-image.

Find support

At every stage of your development, it is valuable to have valuable people around you. Look for individuals who inspire and motivate you.

It can be a mentor, coach, or even a support group. Shared experiences and conversations with others can help you see the situation from a different perspective. It could also gain a fresh outlook on your possibilities.

As you progress on your journey, this support can also give you some useful information on how well you're doing in your new reality.

Maintain discipline and perseverance

Success doesn't come instantly. It will require hard work and dedication. Keep discipline and perseverance as a key to success, even during the toughest times. And remember to reward yourself for consistency in action.

Decide that after every even small achievement, you will give yourself a present. Something that brings you joy and also allows your mind to rest and gain new freshness. It could be buying something you've been waiting for or taking a vacation. Another idea could be to go to the gym, meet up with friends, or enjoy your favorite TV show.

Not to mention other ideas. It is fine to celebrate success.

8 Steps to Achieve Success After Failure

Take action

Remember that every lesson you learn requires testing and implementation. Our imagery should not remain just dreams. Whatever you think about, try to put it into action. If you're currently learning how to communicate with people without stress, make an effort to talk to people whenever you have the chance.

Observe your reactions and train your mind to remain relaxed so that you don't panic when it matters most. Try to practice what you learn as often as possible. Reading ten books on the subject won't help if you don't start putting it into practice.

Success after 40

Surprisingly, many business triumphs were achieved after the age of 40, and some even after 50. Before reaching that point, these individuals experienced a continuous series of failures that didn't break them. Instead, it made them determined to work even harder on themselves to achieve success.

Successful people who achieved success after failure:

Bill Gates, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, J.K. Rowling, Steven Spielberg

Top 10 the richest persons in the World in 2022

Escape a downturn and act. It is difficult, but completely possible. Heed the lessons and believe that you can succeed after failure. Remember that even after the greatest failures, success is achievable if you diligently seek your goals.

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