You may know that our Paidwork app allows you to earn money by solving surveys or playing games. But did you know that we also offer a cashback program for our shopping partners? Using cashback app programs helps you recover some of your money lost!

Cashback is a type of rewards program in which any online shopper can receive back a portion of their expenses. For a long time it was usually a credit card feature, then you could use browser plug-ins or a similar earning website - but now you can also earn with Paidwork simply by buying things online using our cashback app.

Cashback on Paidwork

If you want to earn while you shop, signing up for a cashback rewards program may be the best option for you. Paidwork has partnered with programs like Digital Turbine and Tapjoy to offer all sorts of various incentives and bonuses, like discounts or frequent shopper points. In this article, we'll cover the different types of cashback programs to explain how you can earn while shopping.

How do cashback rewards programs work?

Often, the cashback program provides customers with benefits based on agreements signed between credit card companies and various popular online stores. The store agrees to reimburse the bank a certain amount for each purchase made by a customer. The bank then returns a portion of the money to the consumer in the form of a cash refund.

However, our earning website is far simpler. A number of websites have also emerged that can partner with certain stores to get cash-back incentives for their own customers. Instead of paying for advertising, retailers pay our partners to attract consumers on their behalf. Paidwork's partners reimburse you for shopping and return that payment to you. That's what cashback is all about!

So the online store gets customers, we and our partners make money, and you get a cashback - often a very large one! From time to time, you may discover special offers at certain stores that increase the cashback amount. The store can raise it twice or even five times, returning extra money to the buyer. That's why it's worth using our app and returning to it periodically!

How much can you earn using cashback?

It's hard to say how much money you can save with cashback. It all depends on whether you take advantage of enhanced cashback offers in a given month, as well as what you buy using the cashback website.

The amount of cashback you can get depends on two factors: the cashback app you join, and how much money you actually spend. Remember that the only way to get an incentive is to spend money. It's good to think of it not as extra money, but as a discount or rebate. You'll get points in our app that you can redeem 1:1 for money - or recoup some of the expenses you spend anyway.

Consider whether you'll be able to get the benefits without changing your typical expenses when you choose the program. If so, you will almost certainly get the money without going over budget. It's a good option if you buy something constantly at a certain store to accumulate money... and occasionally make bigger purchases there: for example, at an electronic gadget store you buy cables, printer ink - you'll use the cashback when buying a new computer or video game!

cash will be on your card

What are the advantages and disadvantages of cashback

Some cashback systems charge unexpected fees - but using the Paidwork app is free. Sometimes the offers are only available for goods you rarely buy - but that means they might encourage you to buy them. So if you're planning an unusual purchase, it's worth taking a look at our app to see if you can make some money by chance.

You are always compensated as a percentage of your spending. Using Paidwork, everything is automatic - you get access to excellent, tried-and-true coupons for online orders, and you get the feeling that you've saved money. Our application does not involve any hidden costs, so you can earn rewards for all your business expenses without worry.

Ultimately the decision to make is yours - but saving some extra money is always a good option. Analyze your spending habits and decide whether you’re interested in using a cashback app.

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