What is financial success? Financial advisers disagree about it, and the truth is that for everyone this term will have a slightly different meaning. The discussion of definitions is not important now. Here are 10 financial tips that are so universal that no matter what you think financial success is, you're sure to find them useful.

Work hard

Ok, you've probably heard it before. No pain, no gain. Unfortunately, but unless your father is a billionaire, you will have to come to wealth through hard work or incredible talent. Lots of wealthy businessmen put a lot of work into acquiring a huge fortune.

Planning your day, conscientiously performing your duties and becoming at least a little better every day will make you notice the results quite quickly. If you're having trouble quitting smoking, your job will be to get rid of it. If you see that you manage your time poorly, changing your habits will prove to be a big challenge, but after a while you will be very satisfied with your results.

Raise your earnings

It will be easier to save $100 when you earn $3,000 a month than if you earn $2,000, that's almost certain. That's why it's so important to try to raise your income. Although it seems tough, it doesn't have to be so at all! Numerous people have found that with Paidwork they are able to earn as much as £1,800 a year. That's quite a lot of money, isn't it?


While we can't give any financial advice here, if we had to give just one, it would simply be "save even a dollar every month." It doesn't matter what you do with the money you put aside. While obviously the wisest choice would be to follow a guide about the best investments for beginners and multiply that money in the stock market, just the habit of collecting money for a rainy day is extremely valuable in itself.

In the previous point, we mentioned that you can earn £150 a month with Paidwork. If you decided to save this amount in total and invest it in a way that earns 10 percent per year, after 25 years you would have accumulated more than 198,000!

Saving is the key to success. A man uses a calculator and charts to see if he is saving

Be consequent

Well, that's right, to really save a lot, you will probably have to do it for many years. Although there will be better and worse moments, and at some point you may stop saving for a while, you can't give up. No one expects you, being an amateur, to be able to do everything right.
Also avoid temptations or giving in to cravings that are bound to arise. Instead of ordering a pizza, it's better to make dinner yourself. Not only will you save some cash this way, but you'll also eat a healthier meal.

Take advantage of every possible opportunity

There are also plenty of ways to be a little wealthier without exaggerating. Maybe your employer offers a cheaper gym pass than the one you pay for? Or perhaps you can do a barter exchange with your neighbor and make your life a little easier without too much effort?
If you shop online, be sure to check out how much you can gain with Paidwork. Using this app shouldn't be overkill, and it will save you a few percent.

Success in keeping your budget

You already know that you need to be thrifty, increase your income and be consistent, but it probably seems like a lot of work to you. That's why there are many useful tools to help you manage your money.
On our blog you will find articles about budgeting apps and budget worksheets. Almost every financial planner will tell you that if you start noting your expenses and planning them, your standard of living should increase quite quickly.
If you don't want to keep elaborate charts, start with a simple grouping of expenses, copying the 50/30/20 rule. Remember, if saving cash is unattractive to you, consider savings accounts.

Get rid of debt

This financial advice is very often uttered in the media as well as by experts. Many financial advisers have already spoken about how bad debt is. In our opinion, loans and consumer loans are the worst thing that can happen to your finances. As we said, this article is not a financial advise, but we strongly suggest you to pay off all the debts you can.
Being debt-free gives you a great feeling of freedom. You don't have to fear that the bank will take your car or your phone will be blocked if you are the only owner of these items! In addition, many loans have very high interest rates. Much higher than the possible returns on the stock market, so paying off debts is one of the most profitable investments.

Set up your own business

Unfortunately, but as an employee you always have to be profitable for your boss. What this means is that you earn less than you produce. If you want to get more out of your efforts, consider becoming a freelancer. In this article you will find some interesting jobs you can do from home.

Establish your long-term goals

Money is a rather abstract thing. Yes, you know that with $100,000 you can buy a sports car, and with $1,000 you can buy a phone. Still, the balance of your account is something much less tangible than the item you can buy with that money. Therefore, if you are lacking motivation, you should set a goal that you will reach.
It's also a good idea to set smaller goals that you will achieve faster. Such a system allows you to effectively motivate yourself to work, and therefore to earn more money.

A white piggy bank with money and two cars in front of it as a symbol that saving gives satisfaction

Improve your skills

You may have noticed that most of these financial tips are somehow related to character traits or skills. Hardworking, resourcefulness, patience. These are things that can be learned, although some people have these traits right from the start.
Unfortunately, but nobody was born a perfect surgeon, programmer or astronaut. Nowadays, almost every skill can be monetized in some way, and that is why it is worthwhile to upgrade your skills. Investing in knowledge doesn't have to be expensive, though! There are many free courses to help you master the basics of programming, writing or creating graphics.

We hope you were not bored. Our finance advice is not accurate because everyone's situation is a little different. While it is likely that our tips are useful to some extent, remember that it would be a good idea to visit a financial planner, which will comprehensively describe to you all the steps to financial success.

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