A few words about budget worksheets

If you have made some money, it would be a good idea to save it for future purchases. Perhaps you have already read an article about the 50/30/20 rule, but this way of spending didn't quite appeal to you? If so, it would be wise to use budgeting apps and budget worksheets.

Why do I need a budget planner?

A budget planner is a pretty simple tool. Normally, it is a table used to divide your expenses into different categories. Is it possible to run a personal budget without it? Of course it is, but it might be challenging.

That's why it's a worthwhile idea to use a simple solution like a budgeting template. It is up to you how sophisticated you want it to be. In the beginning, a simple table or app will be enough for you, but there are some people who love precision. In addition to ready-made solutions with a high degree of complexity, they can create their own budget planner.

you need a budget planner

Where to find budget worksheets?

Your searches will not be difficult. Just type the right phrase into Google and suggestions will appear on their own! We also have some suggestions of our own, but don't be afraid to experiment. However, remember to maintain order and discipline, as they are the most important part of the path to financial freedom.

  1. Frugal Fanatic - this suggestion will definitely appeal to aesthetes. This budgeting template is quite detailed and will be sufficient for the majority of people. This budget planner is designed for printing, so it's a good option for more analog people. You can find hundreds of other budgeting templates on Pinterest!
  2. Budget worksheets created by Microsoft - there is not a single, but hundreds of different planners. Budget creator for wedding, building construction, food or vacation. There will be something suitable for everyone! And if you have your own idea for a nice budget worksheet, you can always create it by yourself!
  3. Mint life - if you have read the article about budgeting applications, you probably recognize the name. Mint offers two budget worksheets. Simple budgeting template and detailed budgeting template. When you include the app, saving money is easy and pleasant! The disadvantage, unfortunately, is the lack of personalization.

Disadvantages of budget worksheets

Budget planners are undoubtedly useful, but they also have disadvantages. If you decide to hang your chart in the kitchen or living room, you will have a preview of your expenses being at home. But what about when you leave the house? That's why we believe that the main disadvantage of budgeting templates is their lack of mobility. Budgeting apps will prove to be much better in this regard.
In addition, sometimes you may have problems with qualifying some unusual expenses, which can confuse you. This disadvantage is more applicable to printed budget planners, as tables on the computer can always be edited.
Last, but not least, the disadvantage is the small number of features. Ok, no one expects a sheet of paper to start making charts and educating you about finances on its own. But these functions are, after all, available in tons of mobile budgeting apps! That's why we think that while budget worksheets are very good tools, apps will usually do a little better.

Ok, what's next?

Now that you know all about budget worksheets and apps, it would be useful to have money you can spend. To accomplish that, be sure to learn how to make money online with Paidwork or in other ways. In these days when inflation is high and things are uncertain, every dollar will be needed, and if you combine the growth of your income with wise money management, you will surely achieve financial freedom. See you soon!

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