Many of you are surely wondering how to successfully make money online these days. There's no denying that times are tough and you have to fight for every penny. We, however, have the answer to that. In this article you will learn about the many ways to earn money online.

Review websistes

The first way is to review websites. All you have to do is give reviews to a particular website to increase its reach and improve its usability. No specific skills are needed for this task. All you need is to be critical and have the ability to think logically. Communication skills and basic knowledge of how websites work will also be useful. The client will be able to pay between $4-$120 per test for this.

earn money in online work

Voiceover work

The next way to earn money online is voiceover work, which doesn't require a long commitment because it is project-based. Companies are very often looking for new voices and new talent. Read on to learn how to start earning money with your voice.

Audiobooks - use your voice here to bring a story, book, novel or biography to life,

Commercials - you can also use your voice for commercials, as a lot of companies still consider voice-over commercials as a great way to promote the company,

Trailers  - tell stories about movies, programs or series,

Guides - if you are interested in history, a great way would be to record a guide that a museum, tourist tour or art gallery will use.

How much you earn money using your voice depends on your commitment, experience, project length and script length. In the United States, the average rate per hour is about $30. 

Online surveyes

The next way to start earning money online is to fill out online surveys. Although this is not a very profitable way of earning money, but you can always make something from it. Rates range from $0.50-$3 per survey. However, if you do not reach the threshold of $10-$25 you will not be able to withdraw money. Filling out surveys is important for many companies because of general market research and analysis of the behavior of various customers. Such surveys are also labor-intensive because some of them can take up to an hour to complete. Did you know that on, you can fill out surveys? Check it out for yourself!

Mystery shopper

You can also try to earning money as a mystery shopper. Companies and retailers that analyze the market often hire mystery shoppers to compile reports on the overall customer experience. Your job will be to check store conditions and customer service levels without the knowledge of the retailers. Now you're wondering how this works online? The job involves checking call center services or evaluating the shopping experience at an online store.

For each job completed, you are able to earn $10-$25. You can also be reimbursed for the money you spend on a product or receive gift certificates. To avoid scammers in this field, remember never to pay for work done with your money.

earn money in mystery shopper

Testing video games

The last way in this article will be testing video games. This is a great way to earn money for people who like to play computer games and need to earn money. In some games, testers have to perform certain tasks in the game and earn virtual money for them, which can be converted into real currency or gift cards. At this is how you can earn money. Other companies also offer to test games for real money. However, in any way of earning money online, one must beware of scammers who want to steal our personal information.

As you can see, earning online is a great alternative to manual labor, especially when we are unable to work physically. However, you always have to be careful that no one cheats you and gets you into serious trouble. There are many scammers out there and they have many ways to fool unsuspecting potential employees.

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