As everyone knows, earning as a teenager can be problematic because we can't go to a regular job and get a contract. Unfortunately, there aren't many jobs for 16-year-olds and jobs for 18-year-olds in which we get a contract. However, there are a few solutions to this that we are happy to share with you. How to make money as a kid? You can do it online but there are also ways such as mowing the lawn, taking out the garbage or walking the dogs. In this article we will mainly focus on earning money online. At the outset, I'll just mention that on Paidwork you can earn money by filling out surveys, watching videos, shopping online and testing games. The last option seems best for teenagers.

Start a channel on Youtube

If you have an idea for interesting content and are not ashamed of the camera, you can always try your hand at making videos and working as a youtuber. This is an interesting idea for personal development and self-expression. However, you should keep in mind that on youtube at the moment there is a lot of competition so you need to have a specific idea for the channel. It is also not suitable for sensitive people who are concerned about the opinion of others, because sooner or later there will be negative and insulting comments. Remember also that it can take a long time before you start earning money.

teenager recording youtube

Provide tutoring

When you are still wondering how to make money at home and you feel good about a school subject and have good grades in it, you can tutor online. Start advertising on Facebook groups. A lot of people are looking for tutoring for their children who are not doing well in school so why not help them and make some money at the same time?

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I'll give you some more ideas for making money online.

Filling out surveys

A good way to start making money online is to fill out online surveys. Rates range from $0.50 to $3 per survey. However, if you do not reach the threshold of $10 - $25 you will not be able to withdraw money. Such earnings are easily enough for the basic needs of teenagers. Filling out surveys is important for many companies because of general market research and analysis of the behavior of various customers. Such surveys are also labor-intensive, as some of them can take up to an hour to complete. Did you know that on you can fill out surveys? Check it out for yourself!

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Now we will discuss some ways to earn money offline which are also quite a lot and if you are only interested in earning money online then I invite you to the article "How to earn money online".

Helping with household chores

Do you have elderly neighbors near your house? Help them out and mow the lawn, take out the trash, clean the house, do their shopping, etc. They will surely be grateful to you and why not help an elderly couple? If you do a good job, you can ask them to recommend you to their friends and thus you have the opportunity to earn a good income in your spare time. You can do it after school as well as on weekends.


The last of the ways in this article to make money as a teenager is babysitting. This is primarily the way I made money when I was younger, before I got a permanent part-time job. I love babies and children, so it was a perfect fit! Parents are always looking for good childcare recommendations, so start by watching the children of people you already know and encourage them to tell others about your services. Word of mouth is the best way to get a babysitting job! If you want to earn more per hour, take classes to get additional certification - especially CPR. Parents like to know that their children are in safe, capable hands. Just be prepared to give up some of your social life as a sitter, as parents usually need babysitters for nights and weekends.

As you can see, the ways to make money as a teenager are few and far between. You just need to have a lot of self-denial and willingness, if you have these two things then I guarantee that you will manage to earn not necessarily small money! Jobs for teenagers are less demanding than those for adult.

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