Despite its ups and downs in the investment arena, gold is still one of the bullions worth investing in. Nowadays, there are quite a few ways to buy or sell gold, these include bars, coins, jewelry, as well as the currently gaining popularity of green gold, which we will mention in today's article as a matter of interest. We will also show that the adventure with this very precious bullion in the investment world does not have to be at all as complicated as it seems. Let’s treat this article like “how to invest in gold for beginners” article.

Where to Invest in Gold?

Where to sell gold bars, selling gold coins are among the most commonly typed phrases on the Internet for people who are sincerely interested in taking the first step in this business. Starting with the basics, one wonders first of all how to sell so much bullion to make the best possible profit in the sell of gold.

If we Start From Scratch

If you have already found a producer from whom you would potentially like to buy gold, and wonder how to buy gold, you should check whether he belongs to the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). This is an association that lists trustworthy producers on its list. Their website has a special search engine for investment of gold purposes, for instance gold to sell or gold to buy.



Buy at Home or Abroad?

Despite the fact that gold is extremely valuable anywhere on earth, we won't lie that you are capable of becoming a huge entrepreneur from anywhere on earth. If access to bullion is difficult in your country, or you have the capital, but are unable to find suitable buyers, it is worth trying your hand outside your country.

If you follow the most important regulations mentioned above and are simply ridiculous, you can shop around on foreign sites and sources. The paradox of gold is that most often where it is mined, it is not popular for investment. In addition to the leading figures on the stock exchanges, investors, European mints seem to be among the best. We are thinking of Berlin, Hamburg, Dresden, Vienna. In addition to private European banks and companies.

If We Are Already in Possession

Gold is still extremely valuable, so if we already own enough of the material, we are basically halfway to success. However, just as in the case of buying, we must, for the safety of our interests, check the potential tenant.


Extremely popular and, despite appearances, easily available. Regardless of where on earth you want to purchase such bullion, you can look for them at the headquarters of your national banks, or here a more difficult task, at smaller businesses and numismatic stores.

However, it should be borne in mind that the latter source likes coins from the secondary market, minted a long, long time ago (this is an advantage, since the cost of production was incurred a long time ago, so definitely at a reduced price than if we were to do it now. Many such places offer a contract that, when we decide to buy more, they are able to inform us when they buy in possession of more goods.

The Scandinavian company Tavex is leading the way in such services, with plenty of goods, handling large orders, for those most demanding customers. Now you're probably wondering how to sell them or what is the best way to sell gold coins. The way is similar to the paragraphs mentioned above. Besides, if you feel up to it, of course, you can become a private, confidence-inspiring investor and seller, whether on the Internet or another equally accessible market.


Basically, like coins, they are a very popular option for investing in gold. They are a physical form of bullion that, relatively to coins, turns out to be a cheaper option. In addition to this, investors choose to keep the bars in their intact form or opt to melt it down into jewelry, which can be more attractive and even more valuable in the future. The price of one gram of gold that makes up a bar as of today is about $77.


Its advantage is that it is easy to carry. However, it is recommended to pay attention to more than just the weight of gold when choosing investment jewelry. Here, attractive choices are those pieces containing precious stones. Investment in gold jewelry ranks among functional and utilitarian investments.

Green gold

In Australia, in the name of saving the climate, investment in physical gold, for which we are able to obtain a certificate, has begun, however it is underground all the time. Investors began to see the futility of digging up gold in a corner of the world, the next melting it down and "hiding" it again. These are the paraphrased words of Warren Buffett, who, as a huge stock market investor, does not himself own bullion in physical form.

Referring to the curiosity, you're probably wondering why physical possession still instances, and whether it might not be better. Warren Buffett's professional collegues pose one basic question: do we know what might be underground? It sounds mundane, but for a century the question of having coins or bars in hand has been a kind of luxury and a habit. Investors also defend themselves with the belief that such bars and coins, even when damaged, are easily converted into equally worthwhile material. Nevertheless, holding a certificate for green gold is gaining popularity and will certainly not stop.


gold bars arranged in rows

How and Where Sell Gold

Let's start with the common outlets for selling gold. These include dealers, private maids, exchange offices, pawn shops and also jewelers. It is common knowledge that pawnshops and exchange offices charge themselves the highest margin, so we strongly advise against selling at these places.

You are probably asking yourself, what about the Internet? In fact, all forms of sales without leaving home are now the norm, but not in the case where we are trading something so valuable. A private person will never inspire as much trust as an institution. Besides, gold belongs to the stock market, so its shares can change dramatically and regularly, which an online auction can't always provide us with. For sellers, it's the same.

Either we are generating too little profit for ourselves, or we are prolonging our path to sale through an exorbitant price. In addition: if the delivery time exceeds 45 days, it would be appropriate to withdraw from the idea of purchase. Remember, safety first. Here with a laugh, don't start by typing the phrases like sell gold near me or buy gold near me. We hope this seems a bit absurd to you after the introduction of the article.

Let's Talk About the Legality of Such Activities

Everything sounds nice, only you are probably wondering how legal such activities are, we are obviously trading large and valuable capital. Depending on the laws in your country, you should figure out how much is the upper amount that must be reported to the authorities.

An interesting thing is that most companies sending bullion abroad are obliged to collect your detailed data. So, in the case of your wish to keep your privacy to an absolute minimum, you must be prepared to have to make a trip abroad. However, there is a small catch. Stationery shopping in such places starts at a certain amount. For example, when going to Vienna, be prepared to shop for 75,000 euros minimum. That's why it's worth putting the values that are important to you, anonymity or convenience, on the line.

We hope we have presented you with some basics to dive into the subject of gold, its buying, selling and distribution. If you are observant enough, able to do analysis of publicly available sources, maybe it is time for you to start growing in this field? If gold is not enough for you, or it’s unavailable for some reason, consider investments in silver or buying stocks.

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