Many people these days are trying to make as much money as possible in as short a time as possible. However, this is not always possible and as easy as it may seem. Why is it so hard to make money?

It’s all due to human psychology

In fact, managing money is not that simple. Adding or subtracting is simple, but certainly not managing cash. You can always start making money online but you will read about it in another article. The problem with making money doesn't come from the fact that people can't count or are less intelligent than those who already have the money. The problem stems from psychological and behavioral deficiencies such as lack of regularity, self-denial, poor work organization, lack of faith, rashness and many others. In this article, I will explain exactly what factors may be hindering you and you should try to recognize which one is present in you.

What behaviors have the worst impact on us?

The first factor that deserves attention here is focusing on what others will think of us instead of looking out for our own well-being and that of our entire family. This is very precarious ground that can easily slip from under our feet. We will always find someone who we think has better things, more money and leads a better life than ourselves. This is a wrong outlook because we can get into huge financial trouble because of it.

Why is impressing other people so important for us?

To begin with, it should be mentioned that we will try to impress someone and that person will not really even pay attention to us. Many people don't care about our image as much as we think we do. That's all we really care about. Let's remember that everyone has their own life and their own worries. Everyone is busy with themselves. If we have such people in our circle of acquaintances who look at us only in terms of what we have, we should think about whether it's worth it to hang around with such people at all.

Key to success: manage your expenses

As far as I'm aware, many people flaunt wealth that they don't really have and actually have a lot of debt. Those who have a lot of money, however, are unable to envy others' even greater success than they have achieved. This is because they know that this is often associated with relationship problems, family problems, divorce and, above all, depression. It can be seen that those people who seem poor actually have a lot of money and no debts and because of this they are happier and healthier.

manage your making money

Differences between having thins and wealth

Consider how many people there are who live extravagantly and spend more money than they actually earn. This is extremely irresponsible behavior because you can quickly get into a lot of debt in a short period of time. It is necessary to dose your expenses adequately to your earnings otherwise it will doom you. The situation is tough especially when we have no savings or really small ones. Imagine the situation that one of the spouses has an accident after which he can't work for a long time. That's when it gets really serious and we find ourselves in a tricky situation. We may also be doomed by excessive risk-taking in investments.

Fear of criticism also causes problems

The temptation to keep up with money is one of the biggest threats to our financial security. It stems from the greatest fear of all - the fear of criticism. If we can overcome this, it will be the first step to solving the problem. When we live happily on our income and don't worry about what people will think of us we free ourselves from being slaves to our income and possessions. This freedom allows us to do meaningful work that we enjoy and in which we can make the greatest possible change for the better in the world.

don't impress everyone

Advantages of modest living

By matching our expenses to our earnings, we secure not only our future but that of our children and grandchildren. It also gives you more freedom to pursue your dreams. While striving to acquire money, let us always remember what it is really for. In this way, we will maintain balance in our lives and use them to give our greatest good. Is making money easy? No it is definitely not, but if you try you can do it!

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