The United Kingdom has been a place of emigration for millions of people for several decades. London, as the capital of England, is the most common destination. Whether for education, work, to improve the comfort of their lives. However, how much does it really cost to live in the United Kingdom? Here we take into account the situation for 2023, in which the UK, like most countries, is struggling with inflation, the post-covid crisis and the eastern European situation hampering the economy.

United Kingdom living cost

The options are two. We have the option of renting a room, which is, of course, the cheapest option. Currently, to rent a room, you need to count from 80 pounds to 130. It all depends on the specific location and conditions, furnishings. The cheapest place to live in the UK, according to the statistics, is Bradford.

  • A one-bedroom apartment in the city center is about 1672 pounds. On the outskirts it is about 1235 pounds.
  • A three-room apartment in the center is a monthly expense of about 3065 pounds, while on the outskirts it is about 2043 pounds.
  • A square meter in central London costs about £11500, outside the center the price is about £5954.


As for electricity, heating, water and garbage collection, it is a monthly cost of about £177. On top of that, the Internet is about £30, a minute of phone calls is about £0.13.


When it comes to daily grocery shopping expenses, prices are, one might say, standard for any country in Europe. The price of fruits, vegetables, delicatessen, dairy and bread is standard in proportion to one's earnings, but the bill one receives at the grocery store depends on the number of household members for whom these purchases are made. Eating out is not surprising either. For a three-course dinner at a mid-range restaurant, we can be prepared to spend about £58. At inexpensive, brand-name restaurants, it will be about £15.

Alcohol and cigarettes

Alcohol keeps rather standard prices. As for smokers, you may experience a little culture shock, because in the UK smoking is no longer popular, cigarettes are hard to find, in addition to being rather expensive. For a pack of cigarettes, we will have to pay about £11.58.


Cost of having a car

The biggest expense when it comes to a car is insurance. In the UK, it costs between £300 and £1,000 a year. The day-to-day costs of maintaining a car include gasoline, possible repairs, and refilling of specialized fluids. Returning to refueling for a moment, it should be mentioned that in the UK, refueling with gas is definitely hampered by its limited availability. In addition, since 2001, a road tax has been introduced, the amount of which depends on carbon dioxide emissions. From £125 to a maximum of £205.

Cost of public transport

Virtually all public transportation in the UK is privatized, not part of the public sector. The so-called one way ticket is about £2.73, but if you ride more often opt for a monthly ticket, which costs £149.



Education in the UK costs money, even from the earliest stages. Kindergarten for one child costs about £1,400. To send a child to elementary school, we must expect to spend £100,000 a year. As for high school, we pay £2,500 per trimester, excluding room and board. Higher education also costs money - 50,000 pounds a year should be counted for medical or engineering studies, the rest about 30,000 pounds. Of course, this is the fee for the education itself.

Cost of living in the UK - free time

Man does not live only work or education, free time is also due. If we want to go to the cinema, the average theater from one person will pay 13 pounds per ticket. Tickets to discos, amusement parks also cost that much. Admission to the gym with a monthly pass costs about £43, renting a tennis court for an hour is about £12.

Clothes and shoes

Basic clothing in mid-range stores is about £65-40. Here we mean jeans, T-shirts, sweatshirts. As for shoes, ordinary sneakers are about £70. High-end branded clothing will, of course, be at higher, standard to brand prices.

Salary average UK

We already know more or less what the average living cost in the UK is, but what is the average salary in the UK, especially London salary? In the UK, the question of the statutory minimum wage is important. This is calculated here as the smallest amount an employee should receive per hour of their work. For young people aged 16-17 it's £4.81, 18-20 is £6.83, For those aged 21-23 it's a minimum of £8.36, over 23 is the minimum rate for retirement, it's £10.50.

In terms of conversion, if we are already over 23 and trying to settle down, our salary at the very beginning of this path will be about £2,800. Is this enough to live decently? According to the government, yes, but according to statements of average living cost in the UK, it can be hard. If you want to see what wages are like in other countries in Europe, check out our article.

Cost of living UK vs US

We've already learned about the situation in the UK, now we'll take a brief look at the United States, more specifically life in Washington D.C. The average salary is about $4,500, renting an apartment with one room in the center is $2,000. If we are interested in buying, we must be ready for $596 per square meter. Food prices are comparable to those in the UK, but the prices of vegetables and fruits are definitely higher.

The average cost of sending a child to kindergarten or school is $22,000 a year. Clothes and shoes are definitely cheaper, we are able to complete a designer closet for less than $100.

Monthly tickets for local transportation are about $83, for the maintenance of the vehicle in addition to refueling, possible repairs and insurance we do not have to prepare a larger amount, even a low-income family is able to afford the maintenance of the car. Check our article about the US if you want to know more.

According to the median salary in the UK and all the costs, life in the United Kingdom seems to be kind of challenging if we want something more than just working, eating and sleeping. Alone, cost of living in London doesn’t seem to be friendly for ones, who want to save money or plan vacations.

If you are interested in the cost of living in Canada, check out our article!

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