If you have never heard of podcasts, you have probably missed a lot. For those who are not fully familiar with that world, they can be defined as a radio program on a specific topic. You can listen to them on your phone or computer. For some, they are considered an audio version of a blog. They offer entertainment as well as useful information on a particular subject.

Podcasts have gained fame for their mobility and easy access. They are currently at the height of their popularity. More and more of them are being created on a variety of topics. They are an accessible and completely free form through which you can easily get tons of information for your specific interests.

They are even being used in the real estate podcast field. If you are curious about how to write them, be sure to check how to start a podcast and make money.Here is our list of the best real estate shows and bigger pockets podcasts for 2022. This is not a ranking, they all bring us different things and each has its own merits. Let's get down to it.

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The Best 5 Real Estate Podcasts of 2023

Kevin Ward’s YES Talk

Hosts: Kevin Ward’s

This podcast offers to help listeners become the best agents they can be. The presenter is an internationally known real estate coach and speaker. Each podcast includes strategies and tips on how to stay motivated and have a good attitude on the toughest days. Kevin provides training on skills and strategies and how to gain the most successful agents' minds.

Professional training will train you to build a lasting career in real estate. This is an accessible and motivating podcast. Only a few people in the industry can use their energy so well and pass it on to their listeners. Kevin Ward's YES Talk is a broadcast designed to help agents hear more "yes". Go ahead and check it out.

Planet Money

Hosts: Amanda Aronczyk, Mary Childs, Karen Duffin, Jacob Goldstein, Sarah Gonzalez, and Kenny Malone

Sometimes complicated financial terms and market events are easier to understand when there is a story or person behind them. Imagine meeting a colleague for coffee and loosely throwing around the topic of the economy. Seemingly heavy and boring topics can really positively surprise us.

This podcast from NPR does just that, trying to make sense of complicated activities creatively and entertainingly. For the show, they buy oil and watch its journey from the ground to the fuel tank, or create a T-shirt to trace the delivery process starting as early as the cotton field. They even managed to launch a satellite and created a Twitter bot.

Planet Money started almost 15 years ago and has since won many awards. It is an enjoyable, light-hearted podcast real estate, perfect for beginners and non-beginners alike. Don't forget to look it up!

Real estate 101

Hosts: Robert Leonard

If you're new to these things, be sure to check out Real Estate 101. Hosted by Robert Leonard, the podcast is a great resource for someone just getting started in real estate. It covers topics such as flipping, wholesaling, and short-term rentals.

The host talks to experienced people in the industry, making this a great real estate investing podcast. The man invites experienced investors with whom he discusses strategy, helpful tips, and houses on sale. If you are curious about what is more profitable to rent or buy a house, be sure to check. This popular real estate show has been downloaded more than 7 million times, proving that it is a good investing podcast for beginners. Don't forget to listen to their new episodes.


The Best 5 Real Estate Podcasts of 2023

Flipping Junkie Podcast

Hosts: Danny Johnson

Danny's program is clearly a bigger pockets podcast. It stands out for its great authenticity and undisguised desire to help others on the path. He and his wife Melissa started flipping houses for sale almost 15 years ago, and have professionally described their journey in episodes on the aptly named Flipping Junkie podcast.

The podcast real estate covers a range of topics such as, analyzing flipping deals and determining repair costs. It also discusses finding contractors and managing repair crews, or selling quickly for a big profit. Fortunately, the hosts also discuss serious mistakes, so you can avoid them in the future, thus also becoming an investing podcast for beginners. Click here to visit their show.

The Real Estate Podcast

Hosts: David Greene and Rob Abasolo

This is the largest and longest-running real estate investing podcast. The presenters in a friendly atmosphere, like friends over a drink, will share their successes, failures, learned lessons, and what keeps them motivated in the business. Beginners and experienced real estate investors alike will find plenty to listen to in one of the most popular podcasts on the air.

David Greene and Rob Abasolo range from interviews to coaching calls, news analysis, and more. They'll touch on the topics of flipping, rental properties, and investing in apartments. You can learn more about buying a house, and will also educate us on property taxes and insurance for rental housing. Check out The Real Estate Podcast!

The 5 most interesting podcasts

Here is a list, in our opinion, of the five most curious podcasts. It is dedicated to both beginners and those already in the industry. There is something for everyone interested. Learning and furthering your education has never been more fun than with them. And if you are still curious about which business podcasts we think are worth checking out, be sure to click here.

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