Customer service is one of the most important elements of any company's strategy. It is a department that deals with support before, during, and after a customer purchases a product or service. Although not every company employs customer service staff, all companies deal with customer service, because otherwise sales would not be possible. Customer service is an essential element in any business and in any industry.


customer service

Primary tasks of customer service

Customer service has many responsibilities. Although they are a little different in each company and this is the result of the specific sector in which these companies are located, there are a few general tasks that CS performs practically always.

Pre-purchase consulting - as we said earlier, customer services are often related to assistance during the process of sale. Good advice builds a strong relationship between the customer and the company, increases sales and reduces returns, which is particularly important with online sales. In order for customer services to advise effectively, employees need to receive a lot of training and have enough specialized knowledge.

Conducting the purchasing process - good customer service significantly increases sales. Have you ever bought something you didn't need, but were persuaded to buy by a good salesperson? Well, that's right, it has happened to practically everyone. Good salespeople are an investment with a very short payback period.

Complaints and warranty service - no one likes it when the product they ordered breaks, but it will be much worse when customer service also fails. Good customer services also include post-purchase assistance, which makes customers more likely to return for more products.

Call-center - is one of the elements of pre-sales as well as post-sales service. Well-functioning communication channels such as Facebook, infoline and Instagram speed up the exchange of information with customers. Does anyone like to wait for hours for an answer on a simple matter? We certainly don't.

Collecting information - these days, data is worth a lot of money. The company where you bought the shoes doesn't care if you like the model, but it is interested in what the general public's opinion of them is. The customer service department also collects data, which statisticians, marketers and economists then process.


When does a company need customer service?

When we described what is customer service, we mentioned that the customer service department plays a huge role in many companies. It is responsible for contacting customers, boosting sales and allowing for effective data analysis. So, should your company hire someone to work in CS? Yes, if it makes economic sense. If you are a freelancer and manage your business on your own, and your sales completely satisfy you, you shouldn't bother hiring a customer service worker. Also, if your business has cash flow problems, you should avoid unnecessary expenses.


Taking about customer service with boss

How to find a job in customer services?

If you are interested in working in SC, finding job offers should not be complicated. Many companies are looking for customer service specialists, and the salaries can be quite attractive. Customer service jobs also include sales, such as in a store or car dealership. The opportunities are so many that it would be hard to list them all.

The qualities that will appeal to your future employers are:

  • Communicativeness and social skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office usage, especially in word and excel
  • Language skills and certifications
  • Young age
  • Good appearance

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